True French, by Henry Vaughan at Angelica, Leeds

Since opening just over one year ago, Angelica’s bar team have already shaken their way to the front of the pack, with their delectable and unique signature serves and beautifully-presented classics.

They have now raised the bar yet again with their new summer cocktail menu, we spent some time with Henry Vaughan at Angelica to get a step by step guide on how to recreate their alcoholic masterpieces starting with The True French

step one


To make Angelica’s most classic and elegant cocktail, start with a chilled Martini glass, and carefully pour in 10ml of Almond Syrup.

step two

Using the flat end of a bar spoon, layer 10ml of Chambord on top of the Almond Syrup by carefully pouring the liquor down the stem of the spoon.

step three

Repeat this process with 100ml of Champagne, making sure that the ingredients don’t mix together by keeping the flat end of the spoon above the surface of the liquid.

true french. final (1)

Garnish with a blackberry on the rim of the glass and serve immediately while chilled. Voila, the True French!

For tantalising treats from Angelica’s extensive cocktail list, check out their menu and book online here


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