Let’s be real. The pandemic — and subsequent lockdown iterations — have caused sex toy sales to skyrocket. As a woman/avid and regular user of a multitude of sex toys, I am happy to say that there has never been more variety and choice for female-oriented sex toys (praise be!)

However, while women have become more and more sexually liberated during lockdown, men are left with quite limited options. This can be attributed to the misconstrued notion that while female orgasms are seen as sexy and a symbol of the feminist revolution, male orgasms aren’t sexy at all. Blame mainstream media, or toxic masculinity views, but to us, all orgasms are sexy no matter what gender.

Enter Turboo, Tracy’s Dog newest pleasure device that seeks to destigmatise male masturbation. Coined as a pioneering innovative male masturbator, Turboo promises to redefine the male orgasm, unlocking new levels of pleasure for men that their trusy old socks simply can’t provide.

Turboo is powered by Tracy’s Dog’s CFET (Centrifugal Forced Ejaculation Enhancement Technology) to deliver ultra-high (and I mean ULTRA) rotation and centrifugal force. The device stimulates like nothing you’ve ever seen and comes with three vibration modes that can vibrate up to 13,000 rounds/min.

At first glance, the Turboo may seem a bit daunting. After all, 13,000 rounds/min in action seems more aggressive than it actually is. So don’t be afraid of slowly easing it in and testing this out in the bedroom, because it will undoubtedly turn you and your partner’s world upside down.

Take Turboo for a ride by clicking here. For more information, visit: www.tracysdog.com

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