Under The Christmas Tree : A Visit To The Gin Garden

In our ‘Under The Christmas Tree’ series of articles, we bring you some of the best gifts you can give this Christmas.

From special holidays for 2015 to unique experiences to share with your loved one.

Here’s an experience that is definitely House of Coco approved courtesy of  The New Ellington Hotel and  ‘The Gin Garden’

A completely new saloon experience, The Gin Garden boasts over 100 varieties. Whether a gin novice or connoisseur, this treasure trove of gins is bound to have something to tickle your tastebuds, stocking unique blends that even the biggest gin fan has yet to discover.

The New Ellington - Gin Garden - Martinez Cocktail

From the rare Monkey 47 to the Hendricks and cucumber classic, the Gin Garden invites you to escape the chaos of the city and sip your gin in style.

Choose from the selection of over 100 varieties, served on the rocks with your choice of tonic. Or, for those in search of gin with a twist, a collection of gin based cocktails, from the ‘Ginito’ to a ‘Sloe Gin Fizz,’

Welcome to the garden and let the expert bar tenders advise you on the gin to suit your character and taste.


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