Exfoliating is something that everyone should do. You may not know it but your skin is technically the largest organ in your body. It’s also one of the most important; Skin helps to keep everything in place, it also protects you from the rain and many other contaminants.

But, skin cells die. In fact, between 30,000 and 40,000 skin cells die every day. In most cases they fall off your body, mixing with dust and they are invisible to the human eye.

But, not all skin cells fall off. Exfoliating helps to remove them. If you don’t remove the dead cells they can block the pores on your skin. This prevents them from breathing properly and will cause a breakout of spots. This is likely to make you feel more self-conscious and prevents your skin from breathing properly.

This is why your skin appears to glow after exfoliating, the dead skin cells are removed and your skin looks, and feels, great.

Now all you need to know is how to exfoliate according to your skin type.

Sensitive Skin

This is skin that needs to be handled gently and you’ll need to be careful what lotions and creams you use on it. If you have sensitive skin you’ll want to try exfoliating twice a week, and no more. This will reduce the likelihood of damaging your skin.

You should also invest in the right product. You need a range, such as the Murad collection, which offers natural products, perhaps with some lactic acid in. This will ensure the exfoliation is gentle but that your skin is also hydrated.

Dry Skin

Dry skin cracks easily, especially in colder weather. This can lead to an array of issues including infections as your skin is cut and exposed. Exfoliating can help to prevent this from being an issue because when you exfoliate creams and lotions will be absorbed by your skin easier.

If you don’t exfoliate the lotions will sit on your skin instead of being absorbed by it. Again, you should aim to exfoliate twice a week.

Of course, you also need the right products to avoid damaging your skin. In this instance, you need to choose products that are natural and don’t use harsh chemicals. In many respects, you should be even more gentle with your skin when it is dry than when it is sensitive.

Normal Skin

This phrase is a little misleading. Normal skin is simply skin that isn’t dry, sensitive, or oily. This leaves a large variety of skin types and you’ll need to experiment to find the right amount of exfoliation. You can exfoliate three or even four times a week. But you still need to use natural products. Ideally, they should contain salicylic acid to help clean and care for your skin as you exfoliate.

Oily Skin

The final option is oily skin. This is skin that has a high sebum content which increases the risk of blocked pores and spots appearing.

If you have oily skin you can exfoliate daily but you still need a natural product to ensure you’re not aggravating the skin.


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