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Understanding the Internet and the Power of Visuals

Understanding the Internet and the Power of Visuals

Images are powerful. A single photo can give multiple meanings and convey different messages. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.

July 3rd, 2021

Images are powerful. A single photo can give multiple meanings and convey different messages. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. When online, a powerful visual can determine how many clicks, likes, or shares your website gets.

Visuals and social media

As the years pass, visual content becomes more and more vital in social media. Instagram, for instance, operates solely based on images posted by its users. Youtube generates content based on videos which is a powerful visual medium. Facebook is reported to have users posting up to 350 million photos daily.

These numbers explain how much users value visual content. It can also be seen as an opportunity by small and big businesses.

Visuals and businesses

Forbes mentions that many businesses have grown byusing images and videos in marketing. Business Insider notes that companies canuse visual marketingto boost their brands.

Images and videos are engaging; if businesses want to engage customers with their products, powerful videos and photos should be used. For instance, if you’re selling a product, it’s best to employe-commerce product image editingservices to produce more engaging visual content. Based on studies, people spend more time on sites that have eye-catching videos and images.

Forms of visual content

Now that we know the power of visual content, let’s discuss some forms of visual content existing online. We also discuss how they can be used if you’re planning to make your website or your social media page more interesting.


Blog content becomes more enjoyable when you put a great photo between a massive chunk of text. This helps audiences imagine and understand your content even better. Just remember that when doing this, your images should be relevant to your topic.

According to research, articles that have images receive more views than those without any form of an image. It’s because nowadays, audiences lose interest easily; their attention span is shorter. When they see only a massive chunk of text, they get bored and immediately switch to another site that may be more interesting.

When using photos, it’s best to upload those taken by you. By doing so, you give your website a personal touch. You also ensure that you only upload high-quality photos to your website. Before, editing photos requires paid apps, but nowadays, apps like Canva allow you to edit pictures easily, in high-res, and for free.

Adding in a bit of effort in editing images can make your photo a more stand-out visual content.


Photos are still images, and videos are moving images. One picture can be powerful; what more when you present a moving picture to your audiences?

Online, there are different types of video content existing. There are explainer videos, how-to videos, testimonials, and demonstrations. Should you wish to use videos to build your business, make sure that your video content will resonate with your brand.


If you wish to show statistics and data to your audience, make sure that it is easily digestible. Hence, infographics are essential. By using infographics, you can easily present your data more engagingly.

The key to a great infographic is choosing the right mix of colors, shapes, and fonts. A great layout and design are crucial to conveying data to your audience efficiently.

While holding interest is necessary, it is also vital to ensure that all data presented are factual. It must also be relevant to other people. If you successfully create a relevant infographic, chances are, most bloggers will share it. Who knows, it may just go viral.


If you wish to go viral, sometimes, all it takes is a quick, witty meme. Coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976, a meme is a word used to describe something that can be transformed into different meanings as it is passed on from person to person. Nowadays, a meme is used to define images with funny captions. It’s an easy-to-create, accessible form of visual content.

When using memes as part of content marketing, it should evoke positive emotions. It must also be appropriate to your target market. Memes are appreciated specifically by a younger audience. If your business targets them, feel free to use this form of content.

Using the Power of Visual Content

Visual content is one of the easiest ways to touch your audiences. By using different forms of visual content, businesses can easily make themselves known to their target consumers. Using high-quality visual content can boost your brand even more.

However, Forbes states that there must be a balancewhen using visual content. Using too many images or videos can make your website’s design too busy and overwhelming for the audience. Hence, only use a proper amount of visuals to properly communicate your message. After all, you’re using visual content to communicate better with your audiences.



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