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unwind in the lap of luxury

If you are looking to shed stress, eat clean and chill out then retreat to the secluded, less commercial south side of Mauritius for a rejuvenating wellness break at Anantara

March 5th, 2020

If you are looking to shed stress, eat clean and chill out then retreat to the secluded, less commercial south side of Mauritius for a rejuvenating wellness break at Anantara Iko Resort. With powder white sandy beaches and lush tropical landscapes, guests seeking the ultimate wellness escape can take their foot of the gas, switch off and relax by taking full advantage of the three- and five-day wellness experiences.
This tranquil resort is located on the authentic, untouched southeast coast of the island which is a million miles away from the west coast where you’ll find back to back resorts and street vendors. Here the vibe is laid-back and serene, surrounded by the ocean and nature it’s the perfect place for weary travellers to unwind.

Inspired by nature, it has been designed to complement its stunning surroundings by using lots of natural, locally sourced materials around the property. Recycled stone, driftwood and water features set the calm tone and as soon as you arrive at Anantara you feel the pace of life slowing down.

The new wellness programmes use restorative Ayurveda treatments alongside local ingredients such as Tamarin salt from the village on the western coast and spices including turmeric and ginger. Self-healing, restoration, improved energy flow and calming rituals are the foundation of each wellness package, created with health and wellbeing conscientious travellers in mind.
The five-day wellness programme incorporates the following treatments:

Day 1:

Start the day with a traditional Tai Chi session to connect the body and mind. This moving meditation enhances muscular strength, joint flexibility, calms the senses and soothes the soul.
Supporting the actions and benefits of Tai Chi, a restorative 90-minute Ayurveda massage follows. Benefits of Ayurvedic massages include: improved blood circulation to help blood reach nerve endings, toning of muscles, calming the brain and body, lubricating and strengthening joints, increased mental alertness.

Day 2:

Known for its self-healing benefits, the touch therapy of Abhyanga massage aims to balance dosha types using oils mixed with herbs for maximum benefits which stimulate the nervous system, enhance coordination between sensory organs, while strengthening muscles. This massage supports healing, boosts energy, reduces recovery time after an injury, eases pain, and enhances relaxation, mood, and wellbeing.

Day 3:

The ancient self-healing practice of Qi Gong creates a calmness of the mind while powering the body with movements that improve joint flexibility and muscle strength. Qi Gong also supports balance and harmony within the body, improves digestion, and can be an effective treatment for insomnia and many other sleep disorders.

Day 4:

The Ayurvedic therapy Shirodhara, which is a Sanskrit word coming from shro (head) and dhara (flow), involves gently pouring herbal oils over the forehead. This is ideal for those with a vata-pitta imbalance as it can harmonise the body’s energy, awaken intuition, improve memory, support sleep, focus attention and improve concentration.

Day 5:

Round up the five-day programme with a choice of Tai Chi or Qi Gong to absorb and reinforce the full benefits of the wellness programme. Through moving meditation, you maximise the calming effects on the mind and physical benefits to the body.

Embrace the outstanding views of Le Chaland Beach and nourish your body with fresh, organic, vegan cuisine at Bon Manzer restaurant. This clean-eating restaurant will inject some joy and flavour into your palate. There’s an extensive offer of healthy dishes, all freshly prepared in front of you, using local, sustainable produce. Choose from wheat- and gluten-free options, as well as low-calorie wines, raw foods and nutritious smoothies and juices.

The stylish, contemporary, island-chic resort offers a range of activities outside of the programme so you can continue your wellness journey. Take a bike ride along the stunning, unspoilt coastline, soak up the sapphire hues of the ocean with a beach walk or if you‘d rather take some time out to relax then make the most of the hotel’s 30-metre ozone-based swimming pool, one of the many sustainability initiatives at the property.

Each of the 164 stylish rooms and suites are spacious and sophisticated with clean lines and minimal décor enhanced with a splash of ocean blue and wood making it feel relaxing and calm. Start your day taking in the views of the Indian Ocean or flourishing tropical gardens direct from your day bed on the balcony. Just 100m from the beach and with an array of facilities to help you dial it down a notch, Anantara is the ultimate chill out destination.
A room at Anantara Iko Mauritius starts from £335 per room per night on a half board basis. Wellness packages start at £330.

Anji McGrandles

Anji McGrandles

Anji is our resident wellbeing coach and expert. She loves experiencing wellness destinations and checking out the latest wellness products, books and events.