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Up your breakfast game with a new range of artisan jams and spreads

With summer finally here, al fresco dining is in full swing and what better way to start your day than breakfast in the garden.

With summer finally here, al fresco dining is in full swing and what better way to start your day than breakfast in the garden. While we can’t jet off to far flung destinations right now, we can create our own little taste of sunshine in a jar. Chosan, offers an exotic new option for spreading on your brioche or croissant.

This delicious collection of artisan jams and spreads is made with Baobab, known for its health properties, including antioxidants which boost the immune system. You can enjoy this superfood in four exciting new flavours, Baobab Chocolate Spread, Orange and Baobab Jam, Baobab Jam with Ginger and Banana and Baobab Jam. They are all tasty and are bursting with flavour, but the Baobab Jam with Ginger is to die for. The chocolate spread was a big hit in my house too, it tastes like your favourite luxury chocolate bar in a jar.

Inspired by the fruits and flavours of Africa, Chosan supports women farmers in Gambia. Jones, who used to live in Gambia working with women’s projects, was struck by how much fruit and vegetables went to waste.

“I noticed that the hard work producing food crops was undermined because of seasonal gluts, with virtually no processing of surplus, meaning they don’t get much to show for it.” said Jones.

“Later on, working internationally for a development agency, I was inspired by products I saw in Asia and Latin America, such as mango bars, guava cheese and sapodilla ice cream – all made from fruits that also grow in The Gambia.”

Chosan now creates its own fruit-based range as well as supporting women food producers in The Gambia with equipment and supplies, such as lids for recycled jam jars. This will enable them to develop products that make use of seasonal food crops.

Baobab is wild harvested, so is naturally organic and Chosan’s jams and spreads use far less sugar than most jams, sweetened with unrefined cane sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

The range also includes sorbets and drinks all made with delicious, tropical flavours with nutritional benefits.

All four of Chosan’s new jams and spreads are available in 190g glass jars. They include no allergens, are gluten free and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

More information on the range can be found at chosanbynature.co.uk