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Upgrade your Wellbeing with Adaptogens

2020 was the year of change.

2020 was the year of change. Coronavirus disrupted routines, bringing with it uncertainty, home schooling and Zoom fatigue as we juggled working from home, lockdowns and isolation. This year, it is no surprise we are looking for ways to get ahead of the game and proactively manage our wellbeing. If you haven’t yet introduced adaptogens into your wellbeing regime now is the time to get on board.

Adaptogens are non-toxic plants and herbs that claim to help the body’s resilience in dealing with physical and emotional stresses. They have been used for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic practices but are quickly becoming a big hit on the wellness scene, popping up in everything from supplements and tonics to herbal teas and smoothies. Some are also said to have anti-aging properties and are featuring in skin care products.

Adaptogens literally help the body to adapt, adjust and recalibrate itself depending on our emotional and physical surroundings. They normalise bodily imbalances by supporting adrenal function, regulating hormones, and counter the negative effects of stress. Different adaptogens have unique properties that play an essential role in supporting the mind and body and this can include aiding sleep, boosting energy and improving the immune system.

With another UK lockdown in full swing, I wanted to give myself the best chance of thriving rather surviving so started taking Ionix Supreme, a wellbeing elixir that is crammed with B vitamins and adaptogens like eleuthero, schisandra, wolfberry, red ginseng, bacopa and amla, which all support mental wellness, helping you tackle the challenges of everyday life.

Six weeks in and my sleep has improved, I have more energy and clearer skin. Unlike some supplements, this one is jam-packed with adaptogens giving your overall wellbeing an upgrade. If you are looking for more of a holistic approach to improving wellness, then this ticks all the boxes.

Here is the 6 adaptogens that you need on your radar.


Schisandra berries are packed with antioxidants including vitamin C, which contributes to maintaining normal function of the immune system. This is a powerful herbal adaptogen typically used to build resilience to stress and to balance energy levels.


Eleuthero is commonly known as Siberian ginseng. It provides extra energy when you are run-down. Traditionally used to rebuild Chi energy, it is often used to help recovery from cold and flu. Eleuthero also helps the liver detox from harmful toxins.


Thanks to its high antioxidant levels, wolfberry can help prevent anti-ageing. It supports healthy vision and healthy bowel flora and can strengthen weak muscles and ligaments.


Often used to reduce inflammation and support blood sugar control. It is a rich source of vitamin C and iron. Amla’s antibacterial and astringent properties mean it is great for the immune system.


Maca is a nutritional powerhouse that is dense in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is said to improve your mood and boost your libido. It is a natural energiser so increases your energy.


I can’t talk about adaptogens without mentioning the jewel in the crown, Ashwagandha. Known as the superpower amongst adaptogens, it’s taken mainly for reducing cortisol levels and lowering stress and anxiety.

As with all supplements, it is important to be aware of risks and run them past your GP if you are taking any prescribed medication, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Ionix Supreme is available from £28