The vacations of the rich and famous are every person’s dream: five-star hotels to sprawling villas, yacht cruises in the islands, and 24-hour parties on the most beautiful beaches. Every summer we live vicariously through the jet-set crowd enjoying the scenery from the blogs. What if a Kate Moss worthy getaway wasn’t so far out of reach? Those lusting to color their feed with postcard images look no further than this guide!

A-list vacation here we come.


Croatia has been the sailing destination of royals for decades. The Adriatic in particular has built a reputation over the years as a place where A-listers can enjoy themselves in complete privacy among the historically charming islands. The invention of social media however began to show Croatia in a different light.Each island has a very fun side to them. Explore the Adriatic on by sea!

Airfare: Depending on where you will start your sailing vacation, between late-July and August the average flight to the main ports is ₤240. If you fly to an unpopular port like Pula or Rijeka your charter may be cheaper than if you were to leave from a popular port like Dubrovnik.

Accommodation: You don’t need a 30m yacht for you to have an amazing sailing vacation. Surrounded by the azure Adriatic Sea, a yacht charter in Croatia is the best way to enjoy a week-long vacation in the sea, with meals on board and multiple island stops! Stop dreaming and go sailing!

Activities: Your yacht charter will have an itinerary that maximizes the time you will spend both on the boat and on land. Your options are endless, vacation your way. Imagine enjoying breakfast and a quick dip in the sea while on your way to Korcula Island. End the day in Budva enjoying the sunset from Ricardo Glava Beach!


It’s no secret that Ibiza has been the party destination for models and actresses, fashion icons and musicians alike. Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci celebrated his 40th birthday on the White Isle and among his party guests were Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Jared Leto and Joan Smalls just to name a few. You too can party all night from the beach to the club in Ibiza without depleting your savings account.

Airfare: On average flights from London (all airports) to Ibiza during the summer months is ₤275. Book your August holiday vacation flights between mid-June to September for the best deals. You can even snag round-trip tickets for ₤160!

Accommodations: The most expensive part of your vacation will be accommodations. The cheapest hotels are from 123€/night but the prices can quickly get to 375€/night. The best plan would be to stay on the lookout for the least-expensive weeks to visit and go from there!

Parties: The highlight of your vacation won’t put a dent in your wallet, beach parties! Since Ibiza is known for its raging beach parties, all you have to do is make it there. Entry to the most legendary clubs on the island, Amnesia and Pacha, are 30€ but it will be worth every cent once you set foot inside.


Supermodel and fashion icon Naomi Campbell is known for many things but what trumps all is her ability to have a great time. The model enjoys travelling and Cannes has been one of her favorite destinations so much so that she threw her star-studded 40th birthday party on the island. This four-day extravaganza included guests Maison Margiela’s John Galliano, model-bff Kate Moss and make-up artist Pat McGrath. Plan your next birthday trip or vacation with your friends to the island!

Airfare: Flights for Cannes stay around ₤200 from September to mid-April. In general, the best rule is to book flights in advance for Cannes since this destination is hectic year-round. Keep in mind the Cannes Film festival is held annually in May, so flights prices are inflated.

Accommodations: Similar to Ibiza the accommodations in Cannes are a bit pricey. This lush location is home to the some of the most upscale hotels in the French Riveria. Despite this you can book a hotel room in a 4-star hotel for 97€/night.

Activities: Spend time on one of the most revered coastlines in the world. Post an iconic beach flick in the French Riveria and see how much your ego is elevated! After getting that golden glaze, hit the town. This historical city holds so many secrets along the colorful streets. From La Chunga, restaurant- turned live music bar, to Gotha Club, there are so many nightlife options. Choose your poison and bring your stamina… you’ll dance the night away.


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