New York Cafe

New York Cafe

Experience The Grandeur And Legacy Of The 'World's Most Beautiful Coffee House'."

April 26th, 2023

Built to house an insurance company in the 19th century, the New York Palace now holds a cultural gem that is a must-see for tourists and locals alike.

The New York Café, also known as the "World's Most Beautiful Coffee House," is a sight to behold with its stunning frescoes, chandeliers, and crystal cupola. It's no wonder that artists, writers, and poets flocked to this café in its heyday, making it a center of artistic life.

But the café's history doesn't end there. Through changing times and historical upheavals, it has always maintained its reputation for beauty and homeliness.

Today, the rebuilt and patinated building still stands as a testament to the café's rich past and its enduring importance as a place of comfort and inspiration.

When in Budapest, the New York Café should be on your list. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a slice of Hungarian cake in the midst of the café's ornate and historic interior. It's a true experience of beauty and history that you won't want to miss.