Lung King Heen

Lung King Heen

A Culinary Gem In The Heart Of Hong Kong

Located in the heart of Hong Kong's bustling metropolis, Lung King Heen proves itself to be a culinary gem with every delicate bite served.

This three-Michelin-starred eatery, which perpetually witnesses its reservation book being filled to capacity, boasts not only of its exquisite Cantonese cuisine but also of its warm, welcoming interiors adorned with elegant wooden elements, silver accents, and floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning views of Victoria Harbour.

As one enters the much-lauded gastronomic haven, the clientele - a blend of Hong Kong's influential tycoons, global business travellers, and glittering celebrities - presents undeniable testimony to Lung King Heen's vibrant, thriving popularity.

Inimitably skilled in the art of dim sum, Chef Tak's commitment to time-intensive techniques and the use of only the finest ingredients shines through each succulent creation served at his esteemed establishment.

Image courtesy of Lung King Heen

A singular touchstone experience awaits diners who indulge in the $250 per head Chef's Tasting Menu, where the sheer gustatory delight of every signature dish is guaranteed to linger in one's memory for time immemorial. For those who seek a more restrained yet well-curated dim sum experience, the Executive Lunch with its modest $80 per head pricing promises not to disappoint.

Indeed, Lung King Heen's prime location at the iconic Four Seasons Hotel offers a matchless opportunity for guests to delight in the breathtaking visual spectacle of Victoria Harbour while savouring an extraordinary gastronomic affair.

With its exquisite cuisine and exceptional setting, this Michelin-starred gourmet palace is a true testament to its name, translating to "View of the Dragon" - a poetic symbol of its culinary magnificence and majestic aura.

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