Secret Pizza

If you’re stopping by Ghost Donkey, check out Secret Pizza. Though not so much of a secret given how incredible their food is, it’s a must-stop for pizza lovers – which is everyone!

Why is it a secret, then? Well, it’s not an easy place to find. Hidden away on the third floor of The Cosmopolitan, there’s no signage for this New York-inspired pizzeria that offers a casual feel while you tuck into a slice of heaven.

Look out for an array of Sinatra and Elvis album covers, and you’ll stumble into the tiny venue with a walk-up counter. With a general spend of $10, you can order pizza by the slice or take a whole pizza back to your room.

Though orders usually take only 15 minutes, you can pass the time on their brightly coloured pinball machine while you wait!

For more information or to make a reservation please visit

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