Sunset Grill & Bar

For those of you seeking the ultimate fine dining experience in Istanbul, Sunset Grill & Bar is an absolute must-visit. Nestled in the picturesque Ulus Park, with panoramic views of the Bosphorus, this acclaimed restaurant has been a cornerstone of Istanbul’s culinary scene since 1994.

Sunset Grill & Bar has been awarded numerous international and local accolades over the years, including the prestigious “Best Service” award by Michelin in 2023. This recognition is a testament to the restaurant’s unwavering commitment to excellence, exceptional hospitality, and exquisite culinary offerings.

The diverse menu offers various tastes from Mediterranean, Turkish and Japanese cuisines according to the season, with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and contemporary techniques. The dishes are presented with impeccable attention to detail and are sure to tantalise even the most discerning palates.

Image courtesy of Sunset Grill & Bar

And since no meal is complete without something sweet, Sunset’s dessert list is an absolute MUST-TRY! From chocolate terrines, to crème brûlées and profiteroles, there is something for everyone’s sweet tooth.

Be sure not to miss out on the Baklava. Now, I know what you’re thinking – Baklava is a traditional dessert, and you’ve had it a million times. But let us tell you, you’ve never had Baklava like this before. At Sunset, the Baklava is elevated to a whole new level. The layers of flaky, buttery pastry are generously filled with chopped nuts and drenched in a sweet, sticky syrup that makes each bite heavenly. It’s the perfect end to a perfect meal.

But don’t take our word for it. Head down to Sunset Grill & Bar and let your taste buds be the judge. You won’t be disappointed

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