Vibrant Home Interior Designs

You spend a lot of time at home, so it is important that your home is an enjoyable place to live. A simple way of achieving this is by having interiors that appeal to your taste and add a dash of style to your life. Getting a vibrant home interior look is easier than you might think, and the good news is that a stylish home does not have to mean breaking the bank.

Certain colours have the ability to make us feel better. Because we retreat to our homes after a long day, having a bright and cheerful interior to come back to makes so much sense. You can give the rooms in your house a vibrant look using the following tips.

Break the rules
What better way is there to add a sense of vibrancy and life to your interiors than by breaking the rules? The idea of mixing patterns would be anathema to some, but doing so adds flair and passion to a room, as long as it remains within the parameters of good taste. That means using the same palette of colours. Another useful tip is to layer large-scale patterns with smaller designs. Using a variety of tones adds a sense of depth to a space, which is particularly helpful for those of us with smaller rooms.

Colour is not limited to paint
From wall art and accessories to furniture and flooring, there are so many ways to add a splash of colour to a room besides repainting the walls. Bright cushions on a couch, candy-coloured tiling in the kitchen or bathroom, and colourful baskets for storage are three other simple solutions for adding vibrancy to your interior.

Shutters can transform a room
Vibrant window shutters are ideal for any room in the house and are a great way to decorate a window space. Shutters also have many practical benefits, allowing for better control of light and privacy and improved insulation from cold and noise. Shutters are an instant way of adding colour to a room. An option like a full solid, raised shutter would complement a classic interior look whilst introducing an element of contrast with a dash of style and colour.

Lighting makes all the difference
Choose the right type of lighting to add a splash of excitement to an interior. Pendant lights or lamps with bright hues are easy ways to add a sense of style to your interiors. A chandelier above the table in the dining area draws people in to what should be the natural centre of the room.

Do not forget the bathroom
The bathroom can be a dull, functional space, but with a little attention, it can become a warmer room. Decorative tiles are one good solution, but for something more immediate, buy a new shower curtain in a fresh colour or add a lick of paint in a rich red or zesty orange.

A vibrant room is energetic and exciting, so add some passion and style to your home with some lively interior designs.

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