Any fashionable trend fades away with the passage of time but some vintage makeup trends have stood the test of time. They did not only make women and girls look exceptionally beautiful in the past but also look amazing on modern day women and girls. As opposed to common belief that traditional days were the dark days, they just might be the moments that drive everything we do today. Makeup artists today do not take credit for inventing makeup trends but take credit for building up on traditional makeup trends to create fantastic looks.

You should look at vintage makeup trends to get a feel of how amazing they would look on you. Here are trends that will make your beauty timeless:

Heavy Blush

This highlights the contour of your face. It was common in black and white movies to capture the image of an actor’s face. You can add a bright glow to ensure you look exceptionally beautiful even in the night.

Thick Eyebrows

Some people have tiny eyebrows or those who have the tendency of plucking their eyebrows and do not have much to show. You can use eyebrow pencil or kits for henna brows to highlight your eyebrows and make them pop. Or you can check out most DIY tutorials online, one good example is the diy microbladed eyebrow look which you can find to be a glamorous way to achieve beautiful and full eyebrows.

Graphic Eyeliner

You do not have to settle for a safe color like brown or black for your eyeliner you can choose a bright color like blue, which traditional movie stars dared to use. When the right accessories complement this look, it turns out great for you.

White Eyeliner

People with small eyes used white eyeliner on the bottom lid of their eyes to make their eyes look bigger. Eyes that pop light up your face and make you look uniquely beautiful. This shade of eyeliner will transform your entire look.

Fake Eyelashes

Larger eyelashes look better than ordinary ones and that is why people added artificial eyelashes to their eyes to create the perfect illusion. These fake lashes will also make your eyes pop and brighten your look.

Excess Lip Liner

People with small lips used to overdraw their lip liners to create the illusion of bigger lips. Traditionally, lip injections did not exist hence people relied on this. This look will get your lips to look the way you want them to look.

Fake Beauty Marks

There is nothing as beautiful as a natural beauty mark, but not everyone is lucky enough to have it. Women used to get fake beauty marks on their faces. You can get one on a strategic part on your face and add eyeliner to make it visible.

Highlighting Your Lower Lashes

It is not enough to highlight your upper lashes; you can go further by highlighting your lower lashes with eyeliners. People used it to brighten their faces. You can use it to highlight your eyes and make them pop.

No Eyeliner

Women did not always apply eyeliner; sometimes they left their eyes without any. This trend enables you to achieve smoky eyes. This exceptional look will give you that edgy look and make you beautiful.

In conclusion, these traditional makeup trends are still applicable today and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. You should research them and find the one that works for you so that you achieve the look that you are looking for. Erabelle Singapore offers a number of beauty treatments, including bespoke eyebrow embroidery, which enhances your best facial features and creates natural-looking brows by using a specialized Soft Shading technique.


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