Visiting Taiwan: The Complete Cost Breakdown

Many of us are only familiar with Taiwan because plenty of our electronics and other goods say, “Made in Taiwan,” but Taiwan is so much more than a [...]

Many of us are only familiar with Taiwan because plenty of our electronics and other goods say, “Made in Taiwan,” but Taiwan is so much more than a manufacturer of goods. It is a beautiful island country with lots of culture, activity and smiling faces. Sanetraveller wants you to know that it deserves a spot on your travel list. Here’s the complete cost breakdown just in case you need a little nudge.


Getting to and from Taiwan may be your largest expense when it comes to planning a visit. Your departure point will have a lot to do with the cost. Do some research and comparison shopping to find the best deal. Pro tip: Book at least 27 days in advance and plan to depart in the middle of the week. There are five major airports that you can fly into.


It’s pretty easy to save on accommodations in Taiwan. Dorm rooms in hostels are a great option for solo travelers and backpackers. They’re usually very inexpensive, clean and modern. Private rooms aren’t as cheap as dorm rooms, but they’re still a pretty good deal. Whether you choose a hostel or budget hotel, you won’t have any problem finding accommodations for less than $50 a night. In fact, you’ll even find Airbnb’s for around $50 a night. Taipei is a tourist destination, so you’ll find prices on the higher end here, but there are plenty of cities to check out. Consider Kaohsiung, Kenting or Hualien.


There are plenty of ways to get around Taiwan. There is the public metro system, high speed rail, scooter rentals and hired cars like Uber. Using a multifaceted approach to getting around your city of choice or the country may be your best option for getting to see and do what you want and save. Scooter rental and multi-day metro passes are going to be the cheapest ways to get around. 


One of the best parts about traveling is getting to try new food. Between night markets, cafes and street food, you’ll have a wide range of great things to try. Food is fairly cheap in Taiwan and the street food is surprisingly safer to eat than one may think. Depending on the length of your stay, you won’t have to worry so much about food eating a hole in your travel budget.


There’s never a dull moment in Taiwan, unless you want there to be. You’ll find lots of things to do, whether you’re a nature lover, a foodie or a culture explorer. Many of the temples and natural attractions, like Taroko National Park, night markets and Lotus Pond, are free. Some museums come with ticket sales, but in Taipei there’s the Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass which allows you to check out multiple attractions for the one price. 

This lovely little island off of the southeast coast of China is an affordable place to visit with plenty to do. Of course, the costs will be less if you’re traveling alone, but going as a couple or a family doesn’t have to break the bank either. Just keep your mind open to the possibilities and see what happens.

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