Featuring Dita Von Teese, Dianna Agron, Francisco Costa, Yves Béhar, Liberty Ross, Lil Buck, JR and more


W New York has collaborated with cultural brand Liberatum to present a unique short film featuring notables discussing their most transformative moments. A nod to the life-changing instances that define us from childhood, gender, city and location, career to parenting and beyond, the discussion points of the various notables pay homage to the W passion points of music, film, design and fashion. The commission of the short is inspired by W New York’s recent $2.2 million Living Room renovation and resulting transition. The room went through its own evolution to arrive at this newly renovated space, and is an integral place for socializing – the meeting place of a melting pot of creative individuals from varied fields.

Transformation” is a celebration of the transitional moments of an A-Grade list of talent, both dwellers and frequent visitors to New York City, including: Dita Von Teese, Liberty Ross, Lil Buck, JR, Dianna Agron, Andreja Pejic, Yves Béhar, Gia Coppola, Francisco Costa and more. Full-length film available to view here.

“Transformation” contains comments from individuals in multidisciplinary fields, and their narratives vary from discovering far flung destinations and locations unknown, to transitioning within the context of the high-fashion world from one gender to another. Careers and personal stories of transition come alive, giving the film a strong concept of emergence and the catalysts behind their independent and intertwined journeys.


These stories are of integral importance at W New York, who launched their Living Room concept back in 1998: a reimagined hotel lobby that serves as a high-energy social hub and emphasizes cocktail culture.  The space has been redesigned to pay homage to the brands birthplace Manhattan, and its vibrant energy and 24/7 spirit, housing a number of creative talents with independent but inextricably interlinked transformative encounters.

“We are thrilled to be releasing a short film announcing the launch of our newly renovated Living Room at W New York.  Such wonderful commentary from actors, musicians, designers and performers whom we respect and admire greatly” says Anna MacDiarmid, General Manager- W New York.

“We go through transformation constantly even without entirely realizing or acknowledging it at times. It was a pleasure to collaborate with W New York and such talented artists to gain an insight into their transformational tales and what truly motivates them” states Pablo Ganguli of Liberatum.

“Transformation” and the New York City culture theme are of integral importance to W New York. Visitors to W New York can order a bespoke Transformation cocktail until the end of December.

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