Wakesurfing has gained popularity as one of the best and most fun watersports. Since it’s a bit slower than wakeboarding, this sport has won the hearts of many watersport enthusiasts, especially since it’s easy to master.

While this is among many watersports that require boards, a new sport is more enjoyable with a new board. Also, wakesurf boards differ from other boards; hence you can only enjoy this sport using the right tool.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to wakesurf boards. Every rider has different needs; hence each one might require a particular board. With thousands of wakesurf boards on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one.

Nevertheless, regardless of the board you choose, it’s vital to avoid overlooking the quality. If you’re looking for the best quality build and riding experience, always prefer USA-made gear like the boards from SWELL Wakesurf. Meanwhile, keep reading to learn how to choose and ride wakesurf boards.

Consider Wakesurf Board Shape

Wakesurf boards come in varieties to suit different wakesurfers’ needs. Most wakesurf boards are a combination of surf worlds and skimboard. These boards are categorized into three groups, namely hybrid, surf, and skimboard shapes. These boards have different abilities; hence you should consider your needs and experience when choosing one.

  • Hybrid Shape Wakesurf Boards

As the name suggests, hybrid wakesurf boards are a combination of skim and surf. These boards are found in various shapes, including skim-style with surf fins and surf-style with skim fins. Hybrid wakesurf boards come with the power and speed of a surfboard and are fun, like skimboards.

  • Surf Wakesurf Boards

These are almost similar to surf shortboards, only that they’re smaller and comes with fish or square-like tail. These boards also come in varieties with different lengths and configurations. Surf shape wakesurf boards come with several fin options. For this reason, many riders are more comfortable using these boards for watersports. Surf shape wakesurf boards also generate more power and speed to maneuver through the waves. These boards have extra volume, making them fast and remain on the surface.

  • Skim Shape Boards

These boards are smaller but are fun to ride. They have tiny fins; hence are a bit slippery. Unlike a surfboard, skimboards are more likely to spin or slide instead of remaining narrow and straight.

The Size

Wakesurf boards are measured in inches and feet. Nevertheless, there are no specifics regarding the size. However, the rider’s weight can determine the ideal board length. Also, the board’s shape, tail and nose shape, and rocker significantly determine the size.

For example, large boards have an extra surface area to facilitate floating. This aspect makes such boards ideal for heavy riders. Suppose you’re riding behind a boat throwing a smaller wake. In that case, settle for a larger board. Such boards are slow and ideal for beginners since they’re easy to learn.

On the other hand, smaller boards are easy to move and faster. These boards are ideal for pros and lightweight riders. Big wakes are better for smaller boards.

Board’s Rocker And Rails

Board rockers are visible when you lay the board on a flat surface. They’re almost similar to rockers on wakeboards or snowboards. The more the rocker, the slower the wakesurf is. However, such a board is faster and much stronger. A board with less rocker is smoother and goes further.

The wakesurf board’s edges are called rails. Their design and shape affect the board’s movement and the ability to turn. Thicker rails are aggressive and turn better. Rails are either soft, rigid, or a combination of both. Hard rails are more responsive and faster; hence ideal for pros. Smooth rails provide exceptional stability and are suitable for beginners. Blended rails are faster, stable, and responsive and can be used by pros and beginners.

How To Ride Wakesurf Boards

Successful wakesurfing begins with a three-speed start. This ensures the wakesurfer is pulled gently instead of suddenly, reducing the chances of bails and falls. The three-speed start involves:

  • Gearing the boat to tighten the rope
  • Slowly accelerating until the board flips up to the rider’s feet
  • Increasing the speed until you attain a desired surfing speed

How To Wakesurf Successfully

Wakesurfing involves placing your feet on the water’s edge while your toes point up. Once the board begins to move, place your knees beyond the chest and dig in the knees. Ensure the knees stay bent until the board flips to the feet. Then place your heels on the board as you stand up.

Beginners are urged to relax as much as possible and allow the boat to do the hard work. While wakesurfing for the first time might be overwhelming, there is nothing to worry about. At first, you’ll be sitting on the water while the feet are on the board. Then the boat will start pulling you as you press the heels into it. At this point, ensure your feet are on the board, and your hands are steady. Once you’re comfortable, bend your knees and reach out to the rope. Once your weight shifts to the board, stand with your feet over the board.

How To Release The Rope

After standing up, jump into the wave and release the rope. At this point, the force of the waves will sustain you; hence no need to keep holding the rope. When releasing the rope, ensure you’re upright. Your body should be relaxed to move freely and position yourself correctly in the wave. Once you’re calm and comfortable, drop the rope.

When wakesurfing, you can control the speed by altering your feet’ weight. Here, your front foot is your accelerator. When you want to increase speed, increase the weight on the front foot and the back when slowing down.


Choosing a wakesurfing board requires skills, and so does riding it. A slight mistake when choosing the board can lead to falls when riding. Therefore, it’s important to understand every aspect of wakesurfing boards and which board is ideal for beginners and pros.

Once you’ve chosen the right board, ensure to undergo proper training before wakesurfing to reduce accident chances. If you’re looking forward to choosing a wakesurf board and participating in this fun spot, we hope the above information has been helpful.


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