Want A False Lash Effect Without The Fake Lashes? LashFibre Is The Answer!

When it comes to eyelashes and mascara, I am a self-proclaimed obsessive. Yes… I know its part of my job as a makeup artist to love new products and make the best of all facial features but eyelashes are definitely one of my favourite features on a woman’s face! For me, bigger is better. I do prefer lashes to be natural as opposed to false but sometimes we cant have it all and I agree with making the most of what we can in terms of beautifying ones self.

So when I came across LashFibres, as a product that enhances your natural lashes and add’s real length, I had to try it.

photo 2

LashFibres works by brushing on small fibres to stick to your usual mascara. The product’s packaging looks like your typical mascara, however upon opening, you can see the tiny white fibre’s that adhere to your lash to create an ‘instant lash extension’.

Applying the LashFibres is pretty simple. Firstly apply your chosen mascara as normal then instantly apply LashFibres onto your lashes whilst the mascara is still wet, as if you were applying another coat of mascara. Leave it for a couple of seconds to adhere, then layer another coat (or coats!) of your normal mascara again.


Before LashFibres

The brush-on fibres create an immediate false lash effect when binding to your own lashes, literally lengthening and thickening each hair.

The most important instruction is to look downwards when applying the LashFibres and brush the fibre’s on top of the lash as to not get the tiny fibre’s in the eye which can be quite irritating! If you follow this though it will all go smoothly.

After LashFibres

After LashFibres

I used my favourite mascara that I use every day, Lancôme Hypnôse Drama, which is a thickening mascara anyway but you can see with the LashFibres, my lashes are much thicker and longer. The effect is quite dramatic!

I am definitely impressed with the results, it does what it promises to do. It gave more volume and length to my eyelashes. It is so easy to apply, this has become a must-have for my makeup bag and I will continue to use it whenever I want more of a boost with my eye makeup! I can see LashFibres being a great alternative to false eyelashes whenever you don’t have the time or facilities (at a festival perhaps?) for sticking on fake lashes.

You can also use LashFibres on your bottom lashes, however I didn’t try this out as I was a little apprehensive of getting the tiny fibres in my eyes but I will be giving that a go as well.

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