Want Thicker, More Voluminous Hair? Nanogen Is What You NEED!

Nanogen is one haircare brand that has had a lot of press recently – they are known for the ‘miracle fibre’s’ that magically conceal bald or hair loss patches on the head to temporarily give the illusion of a full head of hair, restoring confidence to many men and women across the world. With over 10 years’ experience in hair thickening treatments and the ‘world’s best performing hair concealers’ under their wing, the House of Coco beauty team could not wait to try what other products Nanogen has to offer for thickening hair and boosting hair growth. Our beauty editor Scarlett Burton tested Nanogen’s products to see whether they really do give Cheryl Cole’s luscious locks a run for her money…

‘I used to have really thick hair growing up and in my teens but straightening, bleaching, and stress have thinned my hair and recently I’ve noticed a lot more hair coming out when I wash it in the shower (which became an additional stress!) so when the parcel landed on my doorstep containing Nanogen’s full range of hair thickening treatments for women I was very happy.’


‘The Nanogen products Ive tested are the thickening treatment shampoo, conditioner and serum. They work by stimulating growth factor signals in your body; these are natural signals your body produces to maintain hair growth, which are sometimes blocked or temporarily disabled due to stress, pregnancy or ageing. Nanogen works by effectively copying these signals exactly and boosting the hair growth process, allowing hair to grow more effectively again. All of these products are to be used in your daily routine with the shampoo and conditioner replacing your usual products.’


‘ I didn’t expect the shampoo and conditioner to have a huge impact on growth (because they’re applied to the hair rather than the scalp and hair follicles) but I was pleasantly surprised by the way they made my hair feel. The shampoo (£7.95) contains stimulating peptides and salicylic acid to help boost the hairs own natural cycle and has a refreshing feeling on the scalp, almost like tea tree oil, making the hair feel extra clean.’


‘The conditioner (£8.95) provides essential moisture without heavy weight and once I had dried my hair, it felt instantly thicker and bouncier as a result with a really healthy shine. I absolutely love both the shampoo and condition purely for the instant volume they create once the hair is dried.’


‘The treatment serum (£29.95) is the concentrated part of the range and the product I feel you would see most effects with if you couldn’t buy the full range as it works alone. It contains nti-ageing hyaluronic acid to stimulate the hair growth factor. You apply it once a day and massage into the scalp. The only issue I found with the serum is that even though it dries into the scalp, it could leave the hair feeling unwashed and greasy, especially on blonde hair, so it would be best to use the serum on an evening and then to wash the hair the next morning. I must admit, I found it difficult most mornings to have the time but otherwise it’s the product you would see the best results with on its own. Nanogen say it has the ‘highest growth factor levels available without consultation’ so that’s pretty impressive stuff.’

‘I also received the hair growth supplements (£29.95 each) for added nutrition and vitamins as part of the Nanogen range but felt I didn’t fit into the ‘New Mum’ or ‘Menopausal’ categories for taking them so my mum has been trying the latter and says she feels more energetic whilst taking the supplements and her hair has grown a little recently so maybe they do help with nurturing the environment for hair to grow.’

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So, have I noticed a difference?

‘I would say I have seen the texture of my hair change; it is much bouncier and feels heavy when wet in the shower whereas it used to feel so thin and it is soft and full of volume. Whether it has added extra hair to my head, I’m not so sure but the feel of my hair has definitely improved in thickness. It is probably the best thickening programme I have tried so far.’

‘Nanogen isn’t a miracle product as nothing can cause hair to grow in places it’s never been but if you suffer from thin or volume-starved hair then it’s well worth giving Nanogen a go, especially as the products are reasonably priced and are suitable for everyone.’

Available in Boots nationwide and online at www.nanogen.co.uk


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