The after-party completes your wedding ceremony and gives your guests a chance to show off their dance moves. It’s the perfect way to end the best day of your life. You want to be ready for this ceremony because it’s a long one, an average after-party begins after the reception and lasts until the early morning of the next day. It takes as much preparation as the wedding event itself. This is why you need to make sure you throw an amazing one that matches the theme of your wedding. You don’t need to look anywhere for help, we’ve got it all here. Here, we give you a list of all the things you need to consider before throwing the perfect wedding after-party.

The Party Location

The most important factor to consider when choosing your after-party location is that it needs to be a private and comfortable place for your guests and that it needs to be accessible from your reception venue. The best thing is you don’t have to worry about the style of the chosen venue, a party makes anywhere feel fun. It can be a room in a bar, a friend’s house, or even a part of the venue you book for the wedding. Feel free to be as creative as you want when choosing the style of the after-party venue. Just make sure it’s an easily accessible location that your guests can leave safely after the party.


There isn’t a better way to make your after-party ceremony unforgettable than lighting up some colourful fireworks and giving your guests a good show. Make sure your venue allows the use of fireworks and plan their appearance to be sometime at the beginning of your after-party. This will help make your guests more excited and create an unforgettable beginning for your planned event. To put up the best show, create a matching playlist for your event DJ, this should include songs like “Firework” by Katy Perry to hype up your party-goers. You can also arrange a special photo booth for your guests where they take pictures with the fireworks in the background. Keep reading below to find out more about after-party photos.


Just like the wedding ceremony, the after-party is a very special occasion where your guests feel more comfortable on the dance floor. This means you need a photographer to cover the event for you and take unforgettable pictures of you, your partner, and your wedding guests of family and friends. You may need a different photographer for the after-party as usually, weddings require a certain type of photographer that can shoot traditional, contemporary, or reportage photos of the event. You’ll need one or two photographers to cover your after-party photos and someone to take care of posting them on social media; choosing the right wedding hashtags and tagging the right guests in the photos is also a must! You can let a family member take care of the wedding and after-party social media updates, but you definitely need a professional photographer for the event photos.

Party Accessories

Want to throw a party that leaves an unforgettable impression? Go for party accessories like neon signs, special party hats, and tiny party snacks. A fun idea would be to hand out light-up glasses to your guests and let them take photos with them. It will look amazing when everyone hits the dance floor wearing their heart-shaped light-up glasses in the dark. Serving pretzels is another fun idea that you can arrange for, your guests will enjoy it even more if you serve mustard along with your pretzel trays.


The music doesn’t have to stop at the end of the wedding reception. Music is one of the essential factors in any party, but when it comes to your wedding’s after-party, it needs to be special.

This is why you need to hire a live band for your after-party as well, but you can also ask the same band you hire for your wedding to work extra hours and cover your after-party. Make sure you ask them to play a more upbeat playlist like rock and pop bands compared to the one played at the wedding to get your guests more hyped up.

This list has everything you need to think about when planning the second most important event in your life. After-parties leave as many memories as the event they follow, this is why your wedding’s after-party is an important one. Although the planning of an after-party should not be as complicated as the planning of the wedding itself, you should put a lot of thought into choosing the little details. Choose the cosiest place, take as many photos as you can, and make sure your guests are served the best food.


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