This week two inspiring artists proved actions speak louder than words by responding to anti-gay groups in a silently beautiful way.

Last month Honey Maid Crackers released a heart-warming advertisement called, “This is Wholesome”, celebrating the diversity of all families. This however received negative backlash from anti-gay groups such as the American Decency Association and the One Millions Moms. They took to social networking sites to lash out, stating the advert was “Horrible NOT wholesome” and “Disgusting”.

We then see thirty-year-olds Linsey Burritt and Crystal Grover, who collaborate under the name INDO, taking a printout of each hateful comment and rolling it into a tube, then grouping the tubes at one end of a vast, industrial-looking space to create an assemblage that spells out “Love.” The artists appear to walk away, their work done. Then the online ad proclaims, “But the best part was all the positive messages we received. Over ten times as many.” The entire room is then filled with rolls of paper covered in positive comments praising the advert.

The message the advert provokes is beautiful and the power of it is impeccable: the first half turns hatred into love, and the second half provides evidence of love itself.


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