Anyone with a garden will want a shed. Whether it is storing the lawn mower, gardening supplies or patio furniture, a garden shed is a needed item. Everyone has different needs and their gardens are put to different uses. Someone with a swimming pool will need to store different items to someone with a vegetable garden. Someone with both might want two different sheds.

Access Your Needs

Before looking at sheds, you need to consider what exactly you’ll be storing in it. Plastic sheds, for example, are prone to condensation. A plastic shed wouldn’t be appropriate for someone storing pool toys, whether that is a plastic paddling pool for the dog or accessories and chemicals for a large in ground swimming pool. Aston Sheds UK has links to the best garden sheds in the UK, with pictures and descriptions before clicking.


You aren’t going to want to store your expensive bike in a plastic shed due to the condensation. Other things need to be considered when deciding on a shed.

A wooden shed needs a lot more maintenance than a plastic or metal shed. They’re also prone to rot and warping. Security can be poor on a wooden shed. It is easy to get through the door. Even with a heavy lock, if someone really wants the contents, they can saw right through the wood.

Plastic sheds are lighter, yet more durable than wooden sheds. They’re also cheaper and don’t rot. Plastic sheds are the easiest to assemble. Plastic sheds can’t have much weight hanging from the walls so you can’t attach hooks and shelving for gardening tools. Like wooden sheds, plastic sheds have bad security.

Metal sheds aren’t as attractive as wooden sheds, but the right model offers security. They can be difficult to assemble. With a metal shed, you get what you pay for. Rust and corrosion take hold in cheaper models.


Once you’ve decided what you’ll be storing in the shed and therefore have a good idea of what material you want your garden shed constructed out of, you need to consider size. Garden sheds do not require planning permission but they cannot be any larger than half the size of your house.

If you are just storing a lawn mower and rake, you won’t want a particularly large shed, but it will need enough height to accommodate the mower’s handle as that can’t be manoeuvred in creative ways like the rake. If you’re storing basic small gardening tools, you’ll want a simple garden storage box. If you’re really into gardening, then you’ll want a much larger shed.

The shed is going to take up space in your garden. It is for storing in it the things that aren’t appropriate to store inside. This includes garden furniture. Even lawn chairs can take up a lot of space when there’s more than one folded chair needing to be stored.

When deciding on the right shed, consider your needs first.


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