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Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy

You will approximately make 115,000 miles in your lifetime, which is more than enough a reason to keep your feet healthy.

July 10th, 2019

You will approximately make 115,000 miles in your lifetime, which is more than enough a reason to keep your feet healthy. Considering toes carry one-half of your body weight every time your heel is lifted from the ground during a walk, your feet need proper care in order to stay healthy and serve you for years to come. Therefore, check out a few handy tips that will help you keep your feet happy and healthy this summer and in the following seasons.

Take care of feet hygiene

Good feet hygiene is imperative for having clean, healthy feet. Wash them with mild soap and don’t forget to always wash your feet thoroughly and in between the toes. Dry them well with a towel, and pay special attention to between the toes area again because any excess of moisture will create a breeding ground for fungus to spread. Use a pumice stone to promote circulation in your feet and slough off dead skin cells from the heels and soles. However, remember to scrub gently because too hard a scrub can promote thick skin growth.

Clip your toenails properly

Ingrown nails can be a painful but a serious problem as well. Various infections can occur after a nail starts to grow into your skin, so be sure to cut your toenails properly. Use a nail clipper to cut your toenails but be sure they are not too short, or dirt and fungus can get in between nails and skin and wreak havoc on your foot health. Use a nail brush to clean underneath the nail. By cutting your nails straight instead of an angle or rounded at the edges, you’ll prevent the nails from growing into the skin.

Invest in quality footwear

Quality, well-fitting shoes are essential for good feet health. Aside from feeling comfortable, footwear should also look trendy and be made of quality materials. You can always look online for inspiration on how to mix the footwear that’s both comfortable and trendy such as Birkenstock Madrid sandals that will make every step you make feel like walking on a cloud. When shopping for footwear, make sure you choose only comfortable shoes that do not pinch or squeeze anywhere. Your footwear should be roomy enough for the feet to avoid blisters, calluses, corns and other annoying problems that ill-fitting footwear often causes. Leather shoes will allow air to circulate, so consider them as one of the choices too.

Keep foot odour under control

If your feet tend to sweat a lot, chances are they will also smell bad. One of the ways to prevent bad odour is to wear socks from blended fabrics. Cotton socks will prevent bacteria from spreading and keep your feet dry by absorbing any excess of sweat. Wearing no socks is not a good plan, but if they don’t go with your overall outfit you can read about some solutions in this Protalus article. Synthetic fabrics wick away moisture from the feet but will keep it inside the shoe, which will set up shop for bacteria. That’s why you should always let your footwear air dry after wearing it, no matter how much time you walked in them. Don’t put the shoes in the closet immediately, but allow all the moisture to dry out first. Spray your shoes with an aerosol underarm deodorant to neutralize any bad odour.

Treat and prevent cracked heels

Cracked heels will look very unattractive once you start wearing sandals and open footwear, so make sure you treat them in time. The skin around the rim of the heel tends to be slightly thicker than on the rest of the foot, which can grow into a serious case of callus if you don’t pay attention to your feet condition. Untreated thick skin on the heel will eventually dry out and start to crack, which will look horrible. That’s why you’ll need to use nourishing foot creams with shea butter and coconut butter to soften the skin around your heels. A DIY foot treatment can also help treat cracked heels. Namely, you’ll need a pumice stone and a home dishwashing liquid. After soaking your feet in a basin filled with warm water to allow the skin to soften up a little, soak a pumice stone in the water too and start scrubbing off the built-up skin. Apply a moisturizing cream afterwards to keep the heels soft.

Taking care of your feet is essential for your health, so make sure you treat them well if you want them to serve you for a long time. Don’t neglect bad odour, clean your feet thoroughly, trim toenails properly, invest in quality footwear, and take care of cracked heels so you can show off your beautiful feet this summer.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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