Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, by the time you leave JAB Box London your arms will be total jelly. Team Coco gal (and certified fitness fanatic) Hannah Tan-Gillies ventured to the Mondrian Shoreditch in buzzy East London to try out JAB Box London’s high octane boxing workout class.

If you’ve ever wanted arms that could cut through butter, then all you need is to commit to about 20 sessions at JAB Box London. One look at the trainers and you’d know that this is the workout you need for arms of steel, giving you plenty of motivation to survive the heart-pumping 50 or so minute session.

You kick things off with a warmup. All pretty standard up to this point, and afterwards the session is split into bags and a kind of intense HIIT/cross-fit mixture on mats. Each session is inspired by different famous boxers and most of the trainers are either semi-pro or pro boxers themselves so you know what you’re learning is the real deal.

We recommend going for the mats first, which is the harder of the two parts. Here, you will go through 12 or so rounds of various workouts that will work every muscle in your body from head to toe. Out of breath? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Afterwards, the session continues with 12 or so rounds with a bag, where you punch a mixture of jabs, uppercuts and back hooks until you burn approximately a thousand calories and eventually find your footwork rhythm. Great for destressing after a particularly trying week, even better for your fitness. And while your arms will be jelly after the session, you will certainly feel like a million bucks. (Cue – eye of the tiger)

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