Weekend Walks : These Boots Were Made For Walking

Here at House of Coco we believe that life is all about balance. One weekend we might be raving until the early hours and having a hungover day eating our body weight in carbs. Then the next weekend we might be up and out before the sun rises, trekking across mountains so that by the time our head hits the pillow on Sunday night, we feel like we have achieved something. The latter is exactly what our Editor-in-Chief Laura Bartlett did recently and she found her perfect walking partner. Here, she tells us more…

If I had to rate my favourite things to do at the weekend, in all honesty, exercising would not be in my top 3. Or top 5 and quite frankly probably not even in the top 10. BUT! I’m not getting any younger and I realise that slobbing out at the weekends is not going to do me any favours in the long run and so I decided that I would start doing some form of regular exercise and most importantly, I wanted to enjoy it! So instead of overdoing it I figured HEY lets start walking! Everybody can walk, even the unfittest of the unfit (aka me) and when I see pictures of people enjoying long strolls it actually looks quite enticing.

I had no clue where to start, what to wear or where to go and then as if by magic I stumbled across Blacks website (I think it came up as a Facebook suggestion as if Mark Zuckerberg could read my mind). Walking was already making me happy and I hadn’t even started – it meant that I got to do what I do best. Shop!

After spending HOURS scrolling through the endless online catalogue of goods (I wanted everything), I decided that first and foremost I needed to get some comfortable shoes to make sure I didn’t break my ankles during the first mile. After much deliberation I opted for the Women’s Brasher Hillmaster II because I liked the name and they were made from leather and looked quite pretty. My worries of having to drop style over comfort were over.

Next up I thought maybe I should get some kind of jacket because the British weather is so unpredictable, I would hate to be stranded up on a mountain and then have to freeze to death as the weather took a turn. Luckily, Blacks have you covered in that department too and I was spoilt for choice. They offer so many different brands and one that I know you can always rely on is North Face, so it was a no brainer for me to choose their Tonerro Down Jacket.


Shoes and jacket ordered with a super quick delivery so next on my agenda was where I should walk. I called on a friend as I figured if I was going to die then she was coming with me.

Fast forward two days, new boots laced up, jacket fit to perfection and a car ride to Ilkley Moor, myself and Rebecca were set to embark on our 6km hike. The sun was shining, it was pre 9am, the views were amazing and for the first time in ages I got to appreciate the gorgeous countryside in Yorkshire, minus a hangover.

We walked, talked, laughed, took selfies (obvs) and we even decided to extend our route because we were enjoying ourselves so much. Unlike wearing heels on a night out, when you get to around 1am and need to go home because your toes are throbbing, these walking shoes were like slippers. Not once did I feel discomfort, pain or even moan about them. It was a pleasant surprise that these boots, they really were made for walking.

By midday we had racked up an impressive 9km and we felt a real sense of achievement. Walking, thanks to Blacks, has now become one of my favourite ways to spend my weekends.


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