Welcome to Amy’s Kitchen – One of the first organic, vegetarian drive-thru restaurants

amys4Amy’s Kitchen in California is aiming to change the way we do fast food by introducing a vegetarian option.

Andy and Rachel Berliner, the founders of Amy’s Kitchen, originally launched a line of vegetarian frozen, canned, and prepackaged foods.

Then they decided they would go one step further by introducing a fast food restaurant where employees serve vegetarian meals full of fresh local veggies.

Amy’s Drive Thru is one of the first organic, vegetarian drive-thru restaurants which has already proven to be a ridiculous success and the food is getting rave reviews.

Amy’s serves organic veggie burgers, burritos, mac ‘n’ cheese, pizza, salads, chili fries, and even milkshakes! Every menu item at Amy’s can be made either gluten-free or vegan as well.

What a great idea!



“Our relationships with farmers and our knowledge of how to make delicious food on a large scale has really made this project possible. We’ve been able to keep the quality high and the prices reasonable,” Andy Berliner said in a recent press release.




















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