Well tonight Matthew, I’m going to be a Girl Boss of Great Britain

Well hello ladies and gentlemen, call yourself Feminists? Well of course you do, and if you don’t, take a read of ‘How To Build A Girl’ By Caitlin Moran and realise that its not a dirty word, just a label for common sense.

As the name of this post suggests we are proud to introduce our new series Girl Bosses of Great Britain where we will be featuring girls doing it for themselves, self employed ladies and those who run their own businesses. A lot has been written (and incredibly well, see ‘Lean In’) about women in corporate roles and hitting the glass ceiling in the City but there is less to be consumed about the alternative route to personal success for women; by being a business owner.

GBOGB is taking a little from the fantastic HONY, showcasing fantastic women doing their thing and sharing a little insight into their worlds and advice on how you too could explore doing it for yourself. We will also be sharing more in-depth interviews with the fantastic spirits we meet, inspiration to keep you going and other great sources for information.

Talking about sources for inspiration you have read the bible from which we have pinched our name, right? #GirlBoss by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso? If not, grab it now, get inspired and we’ll see you for our next instalment on Monday.

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Anna Willatt

A chronic over researcher, Anna is the one who will sniff out all the unusual things to do at a destination and create a spreadsheet of options so there's no FOMO. Less likely to be spotted at an infinity pool, Anna will be finding dive bars, flea markets, 3rd wave coffee shops and chatting with locals to find out what they get up to...and sharing that intel here as part of #TeamCoco.

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