Wellbeing bliss at Blakes Hotel this January

No time for a wellness retreat? Blakes Hotel is offering the next best thing…a blissful wellbeing experience designed to fit into your busy London lifestyle. 

For those of us living in London’s concrete jungle, the sweet sounds and healing benefits of nature are drowned by the chaos and stress of inner city life. Cramped commutes in underground carriages starved of fresh air? Check. Air pollution? Check. Noise pollution? Girl, we’re so used to the sirens and city bustle, total silence would be far more deafening.

Is there any escape from accelerated modern living, then? Blakes Hotel in London Kensington says there is; as London’s first luxury boutique hotel, they are committed to helping both visitors and Londoners to learn the art of calm. Sounds impossible, we know, but Blakes’ month long programme of yoga and sound therapy is perfect for anyone wishing to start 2019 with a little more inner zen.

With this wellness mantra in mind, House of Coco swapped cramped commutes and noisy streets for an exquisite “Gong Bath” experience –  just one of the hotel’s in-suite sessions taking place throughout January.

An intimate, dimly lit room gave way to four beautiful gongs and a number of singing bowls. Sat in lotus position and surrounded in candlelight, resident sound therapist Slavomir Latko introduced us to the peaceful practice of sound meditation as a means of restoring harmony. The premise of sound therapy is to tap into the body’s natural energy frequencies and retune our energy by flushing out toxins and stress via sound vibrations.

All you have to do to activate this deep detoxification, is lie down and let the symphony of soft and powerful notes rise, fall and vibrate through your very being. Sounds easy, but switching off your inner chatter takes a bit of trial and error before the transition into a delicious alpha state of deep relaxation and detached awareness, allowing the body and mind to interlink into a sleepy state of marshmallow.  

Alongside sound therapy sessions, resident yoga teacher Eve Latil is offering both individual and group kundalini yoga classes which focus on awakening the mind, as well as the body. This immersive combination of movement and sound meditation is perfect for those wishing to wash away stress, by learning how to channel positive energy and overall wellbeing in the midst of relentless city life. 

Guests and neighbours of the hotel are welcome to join these daily in-suite sessions at Blakes Hotel; each 90-minute group session is priced at £30 per person. Private sessions are available from £80 per hour and £60 per hour for hotel guests: events@blakeshotels.com.  

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