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What are CVD Diamonds

What are CVD Diamonds

What are CVD Diamonds


People generally prefer diamonds for their jewellery or ornament pieces. Since natural diamonds come in a high price range, people go for lab-grown diamonds. Now, these labs grown diamonds are developed in several methods. Among these, CVD is the most common one. Although CVD diamonds are very common, people have very faint knowledge about them. Let us learn about CVD diamonds to get a deeper understanding of this type of diamond.

Things about CVD diamonds and how they are made

CVD diamonds are known to be the best lab-createddiamonds. CVD is an abbreviation for Chemical Vapour Deposition. It is considered to be the best method for the development of lab-grown diamonds. To say it simply, CVD is nothing but a type of lab-grown diamond. These diamonds have different synonyms namely synthetic diamonds, cultured diamonds and engineered diamonds. These CVD diamonds are prepared so perfectly that they look identical to real diamonds. Differentiating a natural diamond from a CVD diamond can be a challenging task for anyone. Apart from their looks which fall under the physical characteristics, they share similar chemical properties.

CVD diamonds are prepared in the laboratory by the chemical vapour deposition process. A minor diamond seed is chosen and kept in a closed chamber. The closed chamber is then heated to 800&#2013266052, and the whole chamber is flooded with carbon gas. The carbon molecules start attaching to the diamond seed. This process is repeated until the formation of a full diamond.

Similar to natural diamonds, CVD diamonds are graded for their clarity, cut, colour and other details. CVD diamonds are certified to be authentic diamonds by renowned labs namely IGI and GIA. Now, you may wonder where you can get these? Well, the best place to buy lab-grown diamonds for cheap is Rare Carat.

CVD v/s natural diamonds

Though CVD diamonds have similar properties, they have differences too. The differences are listed below:

·CVD diamonds have very less tension and structural flaws in comparison to natural diamonds.

·CVD diamonds are cheaper than real diamonds.

·CVD diamonds come with a vast range of aesthetics as compared to natural diamonds.

·CVD diamonds are environment friendly whereas natural diamonds are not.

Real vs lab diamonds

For a better understanding, the differences between real and natural diamonds are listed below:

·Real diamonds occur naturally that is their origin is in mines whereas lab diamonds are created in laboratories by human beings.

·Real and lab-grown diamonds have different patterns of infrared absorption and fluorescence.

ï Lab-grown diamonds come in an affordable range than real diamonds.

·The method of creating lab-grown diamonds is more sustainable in comparison to real diamonds. Therefore lab-grown diamonds are eco-friendly.

·The resale value of a natural diamond is more than that of the lab-grown diamonds.

·The origin of natural diamonds remains unknown but in the case of lab-grown diamonds, the origin is traceable.

A brief about Rare Carat

When it comes to buying authentic man-made diamonds, Rare Carat is the ultimate destination for all diamond lovers. Rare Carat Lab Grown diamonds are all GIA certified as per the 4Cs of the diamond buying guide. The further website also offers free gemologist testing to maintain thorough transparency with its customers. In 2016, the company was first introduced by Forbes and later was recognized by several leading media groups like New York Times, CNBC, USA Today and many more.

Currently, the company has 4.9 out of 5 ratings in Trustpilot and Google Business Profile. Such positive reviews are the result of their customer-centric approach and clarity & honesty regarding their diamonds. The website offers an end-to-end Diamond buying guide based on the 4Cs to save both time and money for their customers.


Lab-grown diamonds and real diamonds are more or less the same when it comes to their chemical and physical composition. However, it is difficult to get a good quality natural diamond at an affordable price. You can easily get lab-grown diamonds in an affordable range with customized aesthetics. Rare carat lab-grown diamonds are the best-synthesised diamonds in the market. It provides the best deals on CVD diamonds. Additionally, you can get these diamonds in various shapes to meet different jewellery needs.

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