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What Are Natural Essential Oils Good For ?

What Are Natural Essential Oils Good For ?

October 14th, 2022

In recent years, old healing techniques and medicines have found their way into contemporary medicinal practice. One reason is that modern medicine is believed to have too many side effects compared to its antiquated counterparts. Among all the alternative medicines making their way to mainstream medicine, essential oils seem to be the most valuable and beneficial to the human body.

Primary Uses of Essential Oil

Essential oils, in short, are extracted from plants. These extracts are concentrated—containing essential plant nutrients capable of healing and revitalizing the human body. This makes essential oils for aromatherapy one of the best therapeutic processes for curing anxiety and depression. Here are some other benefits of using natural essential oil.

Treatment Of Infections

With new infections and diseases developing daily, medical practitioners have thought it wise to tap into alternative medicines in search of answers. Their search has moved them to look deeper into essential oils for cures for some modern-day diseases. Essential oils contain chemicals that act as antibiotics and antifungals. When applied to open wounds, this oil forms a shield against parasites and speeds up the healing process of the injury. Essential oils can strengthen the immune system when used for inhalations for example.

To Easy Stress

Stress-related illnesses are now becoming a norm, especially among the elderly. These illnesses decrease the efficiency of the body's immune system, which in turn reduces lifespan. Scientists have discovered that some essential oils can ease and dissolve stress in vital parts of the body. Oil from orange seeds was discovered to contain healing properties that can ease stress and anxiety when taken in appreciable quantities. The research also discovered that the oil works best in men.

To Improve the Quality Of Sleep

The fragrance from essential oils has been discovered to improve sleep quality by about 20 %. In the past, these oils were used by magicians to cure and treat Kings and rulers who found it difficult to sleep. To prove the efficiency of these oils in improving sleep quality, medical experts test some essential oils on dementia patients. The experiment results showed that the patients had longer sleeping hours and were more satisfied when they woke up. When applying essential oils for sleep treatment, it's best to apply them on towels, pillows, and bedsheets.

Usage And Dosage Of Essential Oils

Just like all alternative medicines, essential oils have prescribed dosages. Some of these dosages might be measured in drops, teaspoons, or cups. However, never assume the dosage of any essential oil, as it will be dangerous health-wise if you get it wrong.

For application and usage, essential oils are one wellness product that works on and in the body. These oils which can be applied on the skin can also be ingested through foods and beverages.


Due to the lack of regulations, buying quality essential oils might be challenging. So before buying essential oil, ensure you read the label, evaluate the company, and compare price differences.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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