To quote a famous singer, Hozier: ‘’Try imagining a world without Italian food. You can’t, no way.” We agree with him. Italian cuisine is so simple but delicious. The only problem here is getting hold of authentic Italian ingredients. However, it’s not impossible, and we’ve found the best ways to source Italian ingredients in the USA.

The Fastest Way to Get Italian Food is to Shop Online

Thanks to the internet, we can order Italian food online anytime. Some stores sell not just Italian ingredients but also cookbooks, cooking ware and more. To learn more you can visit Dolceterra web site.

Food items typically available on any Italian food shop online can include:

Oils and vinegar

The Italian regions of Tuscany and Umbria are famous worldwide for their splendid varieties of extra virgin olive oils, as is Modena, which is famous for balsamic vinegar.

These two ingredients are an indispensable part of Italian cuisine. Some oils come in ceramic bottles with imprinted Italian motifs, which also makes them a perfect gift for Italian food lovers.

Great cheese selection

Those who love cheese will have difficulty choosing which one to buy. Many refined cheeses, such as Sicilian Provolone with red pepper, Vacche Rosse Cheese, Drunk Amarone Traditional Cheese, Formagella, and many more, are available. In addition to these, you can buy cheese accessories, including various graters and cheese knives.

Italian Pantry

It’s really hard to highlight any particular food item because there are so many to choose from. One food item that distinguishes here is Italian truffle. It’s available in various combinations. You can grate the shape of petals. Or, you can eat truffle slices dipped in extra virgin olive oil. Moreover, you can eat truffle chips, or salt your food with crystals of salt with truffle.

Italian breakfast is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. It consists of artisan croissants, waffles and plumcake. Or create a real Italian feast with Italian starters, appetizers, and main meals with pasta, tortellini or seafood.

We mustn’t forget vegetables and fruit grown in Italy, especially citrus fruit like Sorrento lemons. Also, all your Italian meals won’t be complete with various sauces, spices, seasonings, and condiments.

Italian Sweets

An Italian feast wouldn’t be complete without Italian cookies, cakes and chocolate. No one can resist Italian Panettone, sweet bread with fruit, or Castagnole Bon Bons. There are even box sets that are ideal gifts for any occasion.

Italian Beverages

There are tremendous offers of Italian drinks for all those thirsty, especially aperitives and wines. Moreover, you can buy various Italian liqueurs, such as Limoncello.

Local Markets and Specialty Stores

Other than buying Italian food online, you can find it in many local markets and specialty stores. Even megastores sometimes organize ‘highlight weeks’ for Italian food.

Can’t Resist Italian Food

The Hozier sentence is proven to be true. We can’t just simply resist Italian food. Luckily, here, in the USA, we can buy Italian food whenever we want.


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