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What are the Health and Wellness Benefits of a Ski Holiday?

What are the Health and Wellness Benefits of a Ski Holiday?

What are the Health and Wellness Benefits of a Ski Holiday?

November 15th, 2022

A skiing holiday is a big adventure and not a decision to be taken lightly. The good news is that going on an amazing skiing holiday to remember doesn’t need to cost a huge amount of money and you don’t always have to travel halfway across the world to enjoy one, either. If you’ve never been on a skiing holiday before and need an excuse to go on one, then there are lots of benefits of going skiing to consider, including that it can really benefit your health. Whether you’re feeling stressed out and anxious, have been struggling to sleep or need to ease some tension in your body and relax, skiing can help.

Improve Your Mood

Like any kind of exercise, skiing can improve your mood by releasing endorphins. In Korea, research was conducted that found that people who go skiing come away feeling more positive and satisfied than they did before. Not only does skiing have a lot of physical benefits such as improving your flexibility and strengthening your muscles, but it can also improve your self-confidence and help your self-esteem. If you want to plan a holiday that involves doing something different and come away feeling better than ever, then it’s definitely worth looking into ski holidays at one of the best ski resorts.

Lose Weight

If you have some extra pounds that you have been trying to shift without getting much luck, then going on a skiing holiday could be just what you need. And the best part is that these trips are so physically active, you don’t have to follow a strict diet or deprive yourself of any treats while you are there. Simply hitting the slopes will do wonders for helping you get down to your goal weight – something that can’t always be said for any other kind of holiday! The best thing about skiing is that you’re doing a lot of exercise, without it feeling like a workout because it’s simply so much fun.

Improve Your Strength

If skiing is something that you have done before, then you’ll know what it feels like to be aching in the morning – but it’s a good kind of ache, like the type you get after a really productive workout, as it means that your body is getting stronger. Skiing holidays can help you get much stronger physically and build your muscles. If you are not a fan of lifting weights over and over in the gym, then this can be a great alternative to consider. Along with improving your muscle strength, it will also improve your flexibility and balance.

Boost Heart Health

If you need a solid reason to take more skiing holidays, then the fact that skiing can be really good for your heart is definitely a reason to consider it. Over the years, the heart health of the average person is getting worse and worse. Since skiing is an endurance sport, it helps with improving heart health as it gets your heart pumping and keeps it at a healthy rate while you are skiing. Studies have found that even when using the ski lift, the heart stays at a healthy rate. Since skiing is a sport that can help you feel relaxed, it can do wonders for reducing your blood pressure.

Get Your Vitamins

Since skiing is often associated with a lot of snow, most people forget just how much sunshine they are getting when they are on the ski slopes. But in reality, you’re getting a lot of sun when you are skiing, which is soaking up a great amount of vitamin D into your skin. If you tend to get depressed or are more prone to picking up bugs during the winter months, then it might be because you are not getting enough of this essential vitamin. Going skiing can help!

Wind Down and Relax

While skiing down slopes might not seem like the most relaxing thing to do in the world at the time, there’s nothing more relaxing than afterwards, when you’re sitting on a comfortable sofa in front of an open fire, enjoying a warm drinking and reminiscing about your skiing experience. Coming in from the cold, warming up in a warm bath and relaxing in a luxurious, cosy environment is one of the most comforting and relaxing things you’ll do. Slip into a soft, fluffy dressing gown and slippers, put your favourite film or some music you enjoy on, and let yourself slip into a totally relaxed, stress-free state.

If you are looking into your next trip or want to take a winter holiday and do something different, there are lots of reasons to consider going skiing. Whether you’re an avid skier or have never done it before, going on a skiing holiday can benefit your health and wellbeing in so many ways.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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