#CocoLifestyle : What Are The Key Ingredients of a Millennial Lifestyle

Although most of us would hate to be swiftly categorised into a meaningless demographic, if you were born between 1980 and 2000, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be labelled a ‘millennial’.

But what does this actually mean and is there anything more to it than just a lazy marketing phrase? Here’s a look at some factors that seem to suggest millennialism could be more than just a bland generalisation.

Eco-awareness and healthy lifestyles

Rather than following the planet-destroying habits of previous generations, today’s millennials are all about promoting ecologically aware practices and living healthier lifestyles.

Not only are vices like smoking and drinking amongst their lowest ever levels, but we’re also seeing alternative dietary choices like veganism becoming big hits amongst young people. And with sustainability being a key feature in determining a millennial’s shopping decisions, it’s hoped that our planet will get healthier too.

Smartphone culture

Not that today’s millennials are all a bunch of hippies however, as this is the first generation that’s grown up with the internet, and the omnipresent smartphone has become a key feature of millennial lifestyle.

Whether it’s avoiding traditional TV to watch social media stars live-streaming on Instagram, or even staying entertained by visiting online gaming sites like InterCasino rather than heading to the bricks-and-mortar alternative, the smartphone is at the core of the millennial’s cultural world.

Casual working and relationship practices

The smartphone is also changing the way that millennials carry out essential human tasks. There are numerous reasons for why millennials are choosing to avoid tying the knot that is about so much more than the rise of dating apps like Tinder.

With healthier lifestyles increasing lifespans, it seems that millennials will work longer for less money. And with the ‘job-for-life’ concept being long gone in favour of casual working practices and private entrepreneurship, it seems that life for the millennial could be fairly precarious

Global awareness

However, it’s not all bad. The rise of the internet means that millennials are now better informed than ever. Whilst last year saw a few reactionary political movements, it seems that this is counter to the millennial trend for globalism and inclusivity.

So that whether it’s pursuing a flexible career as a travel blogger experiencing the most aesthetically pleasing parts of the UK, or even just finding new ways to enjoy convenient games, it all shows how the lifestyle of the millennial is nothing if not exciting!

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