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What are the most popular casino games among women?

Take a trip to Vegas and you can learn plenty about human nature by studying who is playing what.

Take a trip to Vegas and you can learn plenty about human nature by studying who is playing what. From the intent young men hunched over the video poker consoles to the boisterous groups around the roulette wheel to the elderly ladies at the slot machines, every cliché tells a story.

But in the online world of 2018, what we see at resorts like Vegas is only the tip of the iceberg. Online gaming has never been more popular, particularly among young women, and the casino genre is right there at the top of the list. But while it is easy enough to log on to a comparison site like www.tiptopcasino.co.uk and choose the casino that is offering the most lucrative joining bonuses, free spins and the like, you then have to decide what to play when you get inside those virtual doors. Most of the women are also more engaged with playing poker online to have more fun and lucrative bonuses.

The online era makes slots more social
According to historians, slot machines were initially introduced into casinos to keep the ladies occupied while the men were busy losing their money at poker. Today, slot machines take up 70 percent of the space in physical casinos and plenty of virtual real estate in the online ones. Researchers who interviewed 5,000 female gamblers found that 83 percent preferred the slots. Once seen as the more solitary casino choice, the online era has made slots more of a social game, where you can spin the reels and chat to friends online, enjoying some friendly competition to see who can get the best score, without actually playing against one another. You can also play Togelpee for most of lucrative bonuses.

Roulette and the lure of the big wheel
In a recent article, www.forbes.com talked about the enduring popularity of Wheel of Fortune among female TV audiences. Those early slots also featured a big bonus wheel, and here at the roulette table, we see something very similar. Coincidence? Surely not, there’s something about that “where she stops, nobody knows” concept that appeals to our sense of fairness. It’s a game that is purely down to luck and that has a strong social angle. This is clearly important to female gamers, who are more interested in the experience than in trying to beat the odds and win a fortune.

Craps are anything but
In a physical casino, the most raucous area is often around the craps table. It looks complicated, but that is purely down to the variety of bets available, and the game itself could not be simpler. It’s also a game with a strong female following, and industry statistics say that 60 percent of players are women.

Poker – encroaching on a man’s world?
Stud, Texas Draw – even the variants sound manly. Is there any place for women in the macho world of poker? Of course there is – female pros are starting to become more prevalent on the professional scene, and the misconception that “girls can’t play poker” has provided plenty of opportunities for top female players to bluff their way to big wins. Video poker and domino qq is a perfect place to learn the strategy in a “safe” environment where it’s just you against the cards.