Internal doors serve both a functional and aesthetic purposes. First and foremost, they are used to access different areas of our home, while they are also used to close off rooms for privacy or security reasons. They are also visually important; they can influence the overall style and tone of a room.

With proper care, doors can last a long time. However, contrary to popular belief, they are not indestructible. There may come a time when you have to replace your internal doors. What are the signs that you might need new internal doors? Read on to find out.

Noticeable Damage

The first and most obvious sign that you need to replace your internal doors is if you notice damage or degradation. This could be splinters in the wood or cracks in the glass onglazed doors.

Sometimes, this damage can occur through general wear and tear. If you have had the same doors in place for a number of years, damage is often unavoidable. On the other hand, damage could be caused by an accident or some other kind of similar incident.

Damage can be unsightly and can make your home look chaotic and uncared for. It can also be dangerous, posing a serious safety hazard. This means that replacing damaged internal doors must be a top priority.

Opening and Closing Doors is Difficult

As doors get older, you might find that opening and closing them properly becomes difficult. They could get stuck in the frame, or the bottom of the door may scrape along the floor. This is often caused by the expansion of the material and can be a logistical nightmare as well as a potential hazard.

Forcing a door open can cause further damage, while a stuck door has the potential to be seriously dangerous in the event of a fire. If you notice that your doors are becoming more difficult to open and close, take that as a clear sign that they need to be replaced.

Your Doors are Draughty

We all want to feel warm and cosy in our homes. Draughts can be incredibly annoying and can leave us feeling cold and uncomfortable. If you have noticed draughts coming from your internal doors, this could indicate that the material has warped or degraded in some way, allowing air to escape through and reducing its ability to retain heat.

Draughts can mean we may have to use more energy to heat our homes, which can drive up our fuel bills. In today’s cost-of-living crisis, this is far from an ideal situation. If your internal doors are draughty, this could suggest they need to be replaced, and doing so can see you make savings on your energy bills.

We tend to take our internal doors for granted, wrongly assuming that they will last forever. While they need to be replaced far less regularly than some other interior elements in our homes, it’s essential that you are aware of the signs that could indicate that it’s time to replace your internal doors.


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