What Are The Top Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shipping Car By Air

There are different means of shipping cars from one point to another, and air shipping happens to be one of them.  In this post, you will discover all there [...]

There are different means of shipping cars from one point to another, and air shipping happens to be one of them. 

In this post, you will discover all there is to know about air shipping, including the advantages and disadvantages. 

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Without much ado, let’s dive right into the advantages of airplane shipping.


The fastest means of shipping

Air transport offers the fastest means of shipping your car across the country or even between two countries. Unlike other shipping methods where you have to wait many days before your car is delivered. It is possible to get your vehicle within 24 hours of shipping with an airplane.

High level of security

There are many risks attached to shipping via road. What if it was stolen along the way? What if and what-ifs? If you are trying to move an exotic, classic, or specialized vehicle, you surely would want to use an airplane since it offers more stealth and privacy from the prying eyes of the public.

Premium service

Shipping your car via airplane is a premium means of transporting your car across states or borders. Your package would be shipped under the best of conditions to ensure it reaches your destination as a whole.

Now, let’s look into the disadvantages of this shipping method.


The following are the disadvantages of air shipping

It is more expensive

Due to its high-cost implication, this shipping method is not available to every person. Only wealthy individuals or large corporations can make use of this service in shipping their cars.

It is riskier

One would think that its high-cost requirement would imply that this shipping method is free of risk. But that is not the case, it is only fast. There are high chances of losing the vehicle in the case of an airplane crash.

It is a terminal to terminal shipping method

What this means is the car would not be delivered right to your doorstep, you will still have to fret over transporting the vehicle from the airport and straight to the airport. This adds to the already high fees you have to pay for using the airplane shipping method.

Also, it makes the whole process inconvenient and time-consuming.

Bad weather

The potential for a damaged car is high where the airplane experiences turbulence or extreme weather fluctuations while in transit.

Wrapping thoughts

By now, you should know the key advantages and limitations associated with airplane shipping. What summarizes airplane shipping is…

“It is the fastest and most expensive means of transporting your car across states.”

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