What Do Tourists Value Most When Picking A Holiday Destination?

As the skies are opening up again and travellers are enjoying the incredible sights that our planet has to offer, many tourists are thinking of planning their next dream [...]

As the skies are opening up again and travellers are enjoying the incredible sights that our planet has to offer, many tourists are thinking of planning their next dream holidays for this year. With tourists valuing many different things when they go travelling as times are changing, this article has compiled a list of the top trends that tourists now look for when picking a holiday destination to help with your holiday inspiration.

The rising popularity of family trips

As seeing family and friends is more important than ever, many families are choosing to spend more time with each other and make up for lost time, resulting in a huge increase in the popularity of family vacations. When holidaying with families that include young children or elderly relatives, tourists tend to choose locations that are known to be safe, easy to access and with a warm temperature. Most families may want a break from bustling cities and may choose to travel to more relaxing and natural destinations.

All-inclusive luxury & long-haul trips

With so much paperwork and organisation and many flights being more expensive than they used to be as airlines try to recoup costs, many tourists are looking for something that is truly worth their money when picking a holiday destination. That’s why more and more people are choosing to invest in all-inclusive and luxurious holidays. All-inclusive luxury may include fancy hotels, unlimited food and drinks and opulent spa experiences so guests can make the most out of their holiday experience.

Benefits of sustainable travel

There is no doubt that sustainable travel is increasingly becoming one of the most popular options for tourists. With the rise of global temperatures and a general concern over global warming, more and more people are choosing to opt for more eco-friendly options. Did you know that tourism is responsible for 8 percent of carbon emissions? Eco-tourism aims to minimise the effect that travelling has on the environment, while also encouraging tourists to engage in social and economical benefits for local communities. 

There are several ways that tourists are choosing to travel in an eco-friendly manner, such as by taking the train, or using bikes rather than vehicles when transporting abroad. So many tourists are now travelling sustainably in 2022 which is having a number of benefits on the environment and also becoming a hugely popular travel option for many as a result.

New experiences

Tourists are now, more than ever, looking for new experiences. After months and years of similarity, travellers are looking for something truly opposite to what they’re used to, to experience things they’ve never experienced before. Many tourists are now choosing to book safaris, wilder destinations and truly rugged landscapes like the volcanoes of Iceland for example, to really widen their experiences across the globe.

An increase in solo travelling

Solo travel over the last few years have boomed, with more and more individuals choosing to travel solo. Many people are now choosing to explore the world independently for a feeling of freedom on their holidays. While some are looking for bustling city life and the opportunity to meet new people, many are looking for a chance to escape everyone with trips to the farthest reaches of the world.

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