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What does a wedding photographer do during your special day?

What does a wedding photographer do during your special day?

Your wedding day is a special occasion that you will remember for the rest of your life. But what if you could freeze those moments and relive them forever? Hiring a professional wedding photographer to capture all these moments will ensure they stay with you for decades.
But what does a wedding photographer do? What can you expect from them on the big day? Let’s explore what goes into being a wedding photographer when they are photographing lots of weddings in 2023.


Before the big day, your photographer will thoroughly prepare for the big day; from researching your venue, looking at photos of other ceremonies held there to making sure they understand the layout, so they know exactly where to be at each moment. They will also coordinate with other vendors, such as videographers, florists, caterers, so everyone is on the same page when capturing your special day.

Pitch photo ideas

After sitting down with the clients to understand their vision for their wedding photos, the wedding photographer will come up with ideas for beautiful shoots. They will also work closely with the couple to turn their dreams into reality on the wedding day by coming up with photography styles that fit their vision.

Setting up

On the wedding day, the photographer will arrive early at the venue to get a lay of the land and start setting up their equipment. Once everything is ready, they will start taking photos – from guests arriving to pre-ceremony shots with family members or bridesmaids – making sure not to miss any important moments along the way. They will also coordinate with the couple and other vendors to ensure that each photo session runs smoothly.

Capturing moments

During the ceremony, they will take photos of all key moments, such as exchanging vows, rings, and more candid shots. Afterward, they will work with you and your partner on posed shots for your photography style from the first looks to bride and groom portraits before heading back inside for reception photos such as cake cutting or first dance pictures. They will also look for unexpected or spontaneous moments during the ceremony – these are often some of the most memorable photographs.


Once all images are taken on-site during your special day, it’s time for post-production work which usually takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on their workload (especially if it’s peak season). During this period, they will sort through hundreds of images taken throughout your wedding day, editing the photos to ensure they look as perfect as possible. This will include cropping images, adjusting colors and contrast levels, and eliminating any blemishes or imperfections to provide you with beautiful high-quality pictures for years to come.


Once finished with post-production work comes delivery. You will also need to ensure that each photograph is printed with high-quality paper to last a lifetime. Photographers can opt for digital delivery via an online gallery or USB/DVD drive depending on what package/collection you purchased from them. ​​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 


Your wedding is one of those days that only comes once in a lifetime; it deserves to be documented by professionals who know precisely how best to do so. A wedding photographer brings experience and knowledge about capturing special moments during weddings, so you don’t worry about missing a single memory. Everything from pre-ceremony preparations to after-reception fun can be photographed in high-quality detail by someone who knows how best to capture these events without disrupting them or getting in anyone’s way. So when looking for someone who can help ensure every second counts during one of the most important days of your lives – look no further than hiring a professional wedding photographer!