What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your Fashion? 

Whether you’re a believer or not, checking out different fashion styles for zodiac signs can be really insightful. Maybe you’re looking to switch up your look to something a little more powerful, like a Scorpio for example. We’re here to give you a run down of some of the top fashion picks based on star signs. 


Cool and collected, Aries are often seen as trendsetters when it comes to fashion. Aries can take a few lowkey wardrobe items and transform them in to a stylish, well put together outfit. Often opting for more modern prints and cuts, Aries can wear a matching pant suit and make it look effortlessly trendy. Top colours for Aries to work with include deep, indulgent reds and other warm, earthy colours. 


Timeless and classic, Cancer is a sophisticated soul. Feminine cuts and elegance sums up a Cancer’s wardrobe perfectly featuring softer colours like taupe and ivory. A well-tailored coat and a pair of heeled boots is a signature look for a Cancer and is often topped off with gorgeous yet understated accessories. Henry London is a great place to start if you’re shopping for a fashionista friend who is a Cancer. 


Super relaxed, those born in to the Taurus star sign value comfort above all else. That doesn’t mean they don’t look good while doing it though. A pair of slack jeans and trainers can go a long way with a Taurus as they make the casual look seamlessly cool. In terms of colours, creams and whites go a long way since their neutral tones compliment the Taurus personality perfectly. 


A jack of all trades when it comes to fashion, Gemini’s can work just about any trend. Completely versatile, Gemini’s successfully style themselves in such a way that they can wear a pair of tracksuit bottoms one day and a pencil skirt the next without anyone noticing. Taking inspiration from the colour wheel, Gemini’s tend to opt for fresh colours such as greens, whites and pinks.  


Colourful and bold, a Leo’s sense of fashion is all about exuberance. Think daring patterns, bright colours and eye-catching statement pieces. Creative and passionate, Leo’s have a real zest for life, and this certainly come out in their wardrobe. Powerful colours like oranges, purples and golds really give a Leo stamp to any outfit. 


A true lady, Virgo’s tend to keep their wardrobe feminine and beautiful. Unlike a Cancer, Virgo likes to add a more modern twist to their clothing and opt for creative and somewhat artistic flares. An angular line skirt for example is an ideal wardrobe essential for a Virgo. If you’re looking to channel the Virgo style, look to colours like mauve, bottle greens and light blues.   


Much like a Gemini, Libra’s can make just about any look work for them. From simple, girly frocks to biker jackets and boots, Libra’s look good in anything. This is great as it means you can switch up your style as and when you like. A top tip for Libra’s is to play around with proportions and colour. Don’t be afraid to work with layering or even mixing two different styles together for a girly yet edgy look. 


Fierce and focused, Scorpio’s are all about streamlining. The typical girl-boss, Scorpio’s work with a certain edginess to their personal style. Figure flattering power suits, leather skirts and killer heels are just some of the things you’ll find in a Scorpio’s wardrobe. Top colours to work with include black, maroon and luscious plums. 


On the other end of the spectrum to a Scorpio, Sagittarius star signs are soft and delicate in their fashion choices. Whites and pastel colours are their go-to and they nearly always look polished and proper. However, a Sagittarius is a sucker for a colourful, statement accessory and will nearly always have a handful of smart, button shirts that they can style both up and down. 


Capricorn’s loved to get dressed up and as such you’ll rarely find them in anything too casual. A few style staple pieces for Capricorn’s would include skinny jeans, heeled boots and skirts. Best suited to a monochrome palette, Capricorn’s can therefore work with block colours and more eccentric accessories to breathe a little more life to their wardrobe. 


An Aquarius’ sense of style can often be described as kooky and fun. A whimsical personality, an Aquarius reflects this with their fashion choices often opting for unusual parings. This is often met with intrigue as other signs would struggle to pull of the unconventional look that Aquarius’ dare to try. Psychedelic colours are an Aquarius’ best friend, so never shy away from the bold! 


Often found with their head in the clouds, Pieces are drawn to flowing, dreamy pieces. If Pisces were to summarise their look it would probably be found in the Bohemian movement. Floaty maxi dresses and knee length skirts are ideal for a Pieces wardrobe and when paired with a high neck jumper or cute graphic-tee, look incredible. 

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