What Every Party Planner Must Know Before Hiring A Caterer?

Planning a wedding for a business seminar or a fundraiser, the event planner wants it to be perfect. [...]

Planning a wedding for a business seminar or a fundraiser, the event planner wants it to be perfect. Managing events is the best we know as a full service marketing agency. One of the crucial elements of any event is the food. It’s something we love to indulge in. If your caterer is not perfect for the event then it’s a major Red flag. At events food is  used as a bonding moment by people as an opening line while telling others about the event. If you want to hire a caterer then these steps will help you to choose the best.

The beverage and food experience has an outside influence on the guests. Skilled professional catering means that guests will have a better experience and Catering has a big role in events experience like – Handheld Catering provides catering in San Jose and throughout the Silicon Valley area.

Tips For Hiring The Best Event Caterer

1. While Selecting A Caterer, Consider Your Needs And Event Size –  whomever you hire should be able to handle the number of guests you have invited. It is crucial what you need from the caterer and he should be able to handle the guests without hesitation.

2.When Picking The Caterer Your Events Location Must Be Kept In Mind – It is crucial to consider the distance, they will come from to cater the event.  If in your area they have not attended many events then venue may be a difficulty for them. Try to find one who is familiar with the venue or had experience with the similar one.

3.  Decide The Flexibility You Need From The Caterers – While interviewing someone ask them for any last moment changes they might have to put together so that you get a sense of not only that planning abilities along with the problem solving abilities, but also the flexibility they have for others.

4. Check The Customer Reviews Of The Caterer Before Selecting Him – Make sure that you ask your colleagues or friends who have worked with him just to double check that you have selected the right caterer. Also check the online sources as well.

5. Review The Caterers Cost – Cost is important, they can become too high. Look for hidden budget fees . Weigh all you expect – the event size, type of food and then think what you want in return.

6.  Ask For The Caterer’s Certification –   Make sure that the caterers you are finalising are certified and meet the basic requirement by the health department and insurance companies.

7. Find Out About Their Food Preparation Method – Ask them how they will prepare and deliver the food if prepared offsite. It is more affordable if food is cooked offside. But you should be sure of how everything will be done before choosing a caterer.

8. Ask Him If He Will Provide The Number Of Catering Staff You Need – A Number of staff is needed to be available for your event which the caterers should  provide.

9. Taste The Caterers Option – No matter how beautiful the pictures are, how perfectly things have been described, make sure that the caterer provides you a tasting especially when you are working with him for the first time.

10. Feel The Quality Level Of The Caterer –  Make sure that you and the caterer have discussed all the points in the contract and there are no surprises at the end and all kinks are discussed prior to the event.

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