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What Features Make a Great Sports Bookmaker?

For anyone looking to place a bet on an upcoming sporting fixture, the choice of bookmakers on offer is as good as it has ever been.

For anyone looking to place a bet on an upcoming sporting fixture, the choice of bookmakers on offer is as good as it has ever been. There are many companies waiting to take your bets online, all offering what appears to be a very good service.

But what features make a great sports bookmaker?

When it comes to the finer details, this is all based on personal preference. Betting is a personal pastime, so what suits you won’t always suit your friend for example. A good place to start could be a site like sportsbettingny.com that has information and reviews on some of the sports books out there to help you choose which one you are going to place your bets with.

However, there are many basic elements of a betting service that you should look out for and if you are choosing your first bookmaker then getting these right will put you on the right track for a long time.

Here is a look at three key areas where you should focus when looking for a sports bookmaker.

Betting Markets & In Play Betting

Those who follow the latest sports news may want to bet on a number of different events and sports, and also bet in many different ways.

This is available with the best bookmakers, they offer a diverse range of sports to bet on, and perhaps more importantly, many different ways in which you can bet on these.

This includes in play betting, something that has really started to transform the industry over the past decade. With an in play service, a wide range of sports offered and many betting markets to choose from, a bookmaker has everything a punter could need.

Although you may not need all of these at the very beginning of your time betting, if they are available through your chosen bookmaker then you will not need to change in the future.

New Customer Offers & Regular Offers

These should play a big part in your decision. The biggest bookmakers like Paddy Power or Bet365 give new customers some great deals when signing up. However, they also follow those up with excellent regular offers that can be used on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis.

You will get value when you sign up, but the constant stream of daily and weekly deals means that you won’t feel the need to move bookmakers to get a better deal.

The way in which the betting industry has really improved over the past decade has been because the smaller bookmakers have all matched what the biggest bookmakers offer to new players.

Although many are slightly different, this has resulted in a betting industry where welcome offers are now given out by almost every bookmaker, and they are all good in their own ways. On top of this, regular offers can then be used to add further value to the service.

Usability of the Service

Something that is incredibly important for those brand new to sports betting is the usability of the service. As a new gambler, you don’t want things too complicated.

However you bet, you need simple menu systems to follow and get you where you want to be. For example, if you bet on Premier League football, you should be able to access this simply by pressing on football and then choosing the Premier League.

If you look at a service and feel that it is complicated in any way, either when looking on a computer or via your mobile then you are advised to skip past this one.

A great betting site has a menu system in place that makes things as easy as they can possibly be. Even newcomers should have no problem finding their next bet.

If you get these basics right, your betting journey will be a lot easier to navigate.