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What Is a 7-Speed Cruiser Bike?

What Is a 7-Speed Cruiser Bike?

The world of bikes is a diverse one. You have multiple categories to choose from, and each category is still divided into numerous types with different functions.

December 1st, 2021

The world of bikes is a diverse one. You have multiple categories to choose from, and each category is still divided into numerous types with different functions. Nonetheless, they all provide us with all sorts of benefits that make cycling a great activity to take on.

One of the best types of bikes you could get is a cruiser bike, otherwise known as a beach cruiser. There are lots of awesome beach cruisers that will certainly improve your biking experience, and we’re here to talk about one of them.

What Does 7-Speed Mean?

First, let’s define what 7-speed means. In bike language, speed refers to the number of gear a bike has. That means a 7-speed cruiser bike has seven gear pieces. Switching to each of them will either make the wheels spin faster or slower.

How Does a 7-Speed Cruiser Bike Work?

All bicycles have one sprocket, chain wheel, or sprocket wheel connected to the pedals. This is linked to one or multiple bigger sprockets at the rear wheel through a chain. When you push the pedal forward, the rotating motion is translated to linear motion to the chain and back to rotating motion to the rear sprockets.

A 7-speed cruiser bike has seven sprockets of different sizes in the rear wheel. When the chains are linked to the bigger sprockets, the less the wheel spins. On the other hand, if they are linked to the smaller sprockets, the more they’ll spin. To balance the bike riding by kids, there is also a very important thing to know about the accurate chart of kids bike size.

We’ll explain below how a 7-speed cruiser bike is advantageous and/or disadvantageous to the user.

Pros and Cons of 7-Speed Cruiser Bikes

Generally, you can either choose a single-speed, three-speed, or 7-speed cruiser bike. Other versions of cruiser bikes have more speeds, but their pros and cons are almost always the same, just with varying degrees.

If you ever plan to get yourself a 7-speed cruiser bike, here’s what you have in store.


First, a 7-speed cruiser bike will improve your life through the following benefits.

  • Efficiency

Efficiency is the best thing a 7-speed cruiser bike offers. Switching to higher gear means the chains are linked to the smaller sprockets, so you will get more power with just a little push to the pedals. This is perfect for flat terrain as there is not much gravity that pulls you down.

  • Convenience

Another thing you will love about 7-speed cruiser bikes is their convenience. When trying to ride your bike uphill, there’s tremendous pressure on your feet. That’s because you need more power to spin the wheels and smaller sprockets.

By switching to the bigger sprockets, the required effort and power from your feet get reduced. You will not be as fast, but it will be extremely easier to pedal and drive the bike through steep hills.

  • Top Speed

A single-speed cruiser bike has limited top speed. That’s because the average size of the sprocket is only in the mid-range of a 7-speed cruiser bike’s gears. When you use smaller sprockets, the wheels will spin more, providing you with a higher top speed.


While the benefits of a geared cruiser bike are certainly appealing, we also don’t want to sugarcoat it. There are a few downsides to 7-speed cruiser bikes, and below are some of them.

  • Maintenance

7-speed cruiser bikes include multiple components to function the way they do. This means you need to observe more parts of the bike to ensure you don’t encounter problems. If you plan to own a 7-speed cruiser bike, prepare for extra maintenance tasks such as extensive cleaning and oiling.

  • Weight

With their numerous components, geared bikes also tend to be heavier than single-speed bikes. Don’t worry; you wouldn’t feel this weight when you’re cruising around town. If you frequently have to carry your bike up the stairs or platforms, allow us to give you a fair warning that it’s physically demanding.

  • Price

Almost anything that’s versatile and beneficial comes with a price, and 7-speed cruiser bikes are no exception. A 7-speed cruiser bike can be 15% to 50% more expensive than single-speed bikes, depending on the brand and features.

Additionally, the multiple components of a 7-speed cruiser bike mean you might have to spend more on replacement parts if one or two of them malfunctions or breaks.

A Good Understanding of 7-Speed Cruiser Bikes

Whether or not you need a 7-speed cruiser bike depends on where you plan to use it. If your regular bike route involves multiple uphill climbs, we recommend getting one. Additionally, if you want a higher top speed and maximum efficiency from the power you exert, a 7-speed cruiser bike is your best bet.

Just make sure you’re prepared for the price, weight, and maintenance tasks it involves. Additionally, being well-versed in the world of cruiser bikes should also help you make an informed decision.



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