Art has different forms and types. Some can like to paint while others like to dance. And these are further categorized into different sets. What’s more? Even if you dont know how to paint a sunset on canvas, you can still buy one.

Amid all this categorization, there’s one thing that never changes– Art is a form of communication. But very rarely do people understand the meaning and depth of the message being conveyed by the artist. The same goes for Abstract art.

Abstract Art– Introduction

“Life is an abstract art, and it is up to you to make sense of it.” – Talismanist Giebra.

The quote aptly describes the essence of abstract art. Abstract art can make any sense to the viewer, which may differ from the artist’s perception.

So, what exactly is abstract art?

When you look at any art piece, you either like it or hate it because you don’t understand what it means. But one thing often circulates in your mind, what sort of art counts as abstract.

If you go by timeline, abstract art has been around humankind for centuries. Some say the cave paintings were abstract in nature, while others completely call them a myth. Whether it is a myth or just over emphasization of facts, one thing is sure, abstract art evades all perplexing questions and goes way beyond the scope of the definition.

The literal meaning of Abstraction is to explore an idea without considering objectivity. That means abstract art does not have to represent anything or nothing. It gives the artist’s imagination space and lets the colors flow in every direction.

But when did abstract art come into existence?

Though there can be no definite answer to this question, the first signs of Abstraction can still be traced to the times of impressionism, post-impressionism, and cubism. These helped in the realization and development of non-representational art forms. At the same time, modern abstract art began in the early 20th century. It was the time when artists started creating art pieces with minimal or no reference to reality. Although the answer to ‘who created the first abstract art’ will remain a mystery; still Wassily Kandinsky has bestowed the title of father of abstract art. He created the first non-representational forms in 1912.

If you look at present abstract art, it exists in myriad forms, from two to three-dimensional pieces. The size can be small or large, plus the material and surface have no limitation. That means abstract art need not suffice the limitations of codes and rules; the artist is free to portray their feelings in whichever way they find comfortable. Abstract artists focus on crucial metrics while creating abstract art, such as form, texture, scale, color, etc.

Wrap Up!

Abstract art attracts the interest of many people simply because they love how it develops a curiosity in them. Therefore, modern abstract wall art will inspire you to look beyond what lies before you. It has the potential to make people ‘think’ and find answers to the questions nobody ever thinks about.


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