Keeping Your Hair Healthy and Gorgeous

Maybe you roll out of bed with your hair perfectly styled and your makeup as you like it. Maybe you’re also some supernatural princess from the land of faerie. For the rest of us, a little styling is necessary.

The truth of the matter is, though, some style choices work better than others. You can check out Hairdo Hairstyle tips for more in-depth solutions, we’ll cover a basic hair care routine to keep your hair gorgeous and easy to style here.

1. Wash it With a Nutrient-Rich Shampoo

Different hair needs different shampoos. Your personal constitution, time of life, and ethnic background will come into play. Some people have naturally oily scalps, others have dry skin which requires moisturizing. Hair can be brittle, and hair dyes will change your “baseline”, organic hair expression. You want a shampoo that complements whatever your situation is.

Often, looking into options that have vitamins conducive to hair health makes sense. You don’t want to use too much or too little, and it can be worthwhile to skip a day or two at intervals so your scalp’s natural oils aren’t diminished by over-washing. Here’s a guide with some hair nutrient rules-of-thumb to follow.

2. Use Conditioner to Reduce Snags and Knots

Conditioners may also have a few key nutrients, depending on your conditioner and your hair needs. Jojoba oil, olive oil, castor oil, and shea butter are good. Argan oil and coconut oil also do wonders. Read more here. Basically, conditioner makes your hair less likely to knot up or snag, meaning you don’t rip it out when you’re combing it later.

3. Comb and Detangle Your Hair, Then Blow Dry

Once you’re done shampooing and conditioning your hair, you want to comb it, detangle it, and use a blow dryer. You can let it dry naturally as well, and there are some who recommend this approach for the best results. If you’re not careful when blow-drying, you can actually damage hair with excess heat.

However, especially if you want a controllable style, you want it to be dried off. Of course, there are “wet look” styles as well, so that’s worth considering. Generally, you want to spend a few minutes blow-drying your hair before applying final stylistic touches after combing and detangling it.

4. Style Your Hair in Ways Conducive to Hair Health

Just as a blow dryer can damage hair through excess heat, using curlers can also have a similar effect if you’re not careful. Some are so hot they’ll burn right through your hair and a chunk will come out. Be careful. You want to style your hair in ways that look good, but don’t stress it unnecessarily. Excess dyes may include chemicals that are unhealthy.

As a rule of thumb, be cautious about hair dye. Now, that’s a rule of thumb, and most ladies are going to dye their hair at some point; sometimes to make a statement, other times to have a shade that looks more alluring or striking. That’s well and good, but be careful to use natural dyes as possible. It’s best if you seldom dye. Just be advised there can be complications.

Finding the Hair Routine That Complements You Best

Basically, you want to wash your hair with the right nutrient-rich shampoo, condition it with a similarly nutrient-rich option, comb it, detangle it, dry it, and style it. Doing so in ways that are natural and organic will be best for long-term health.


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