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What Is the Best Type of Inflatable Kayak?

What Is the Best Type of Inflatable Kayak?

We all know someone who gets excited to hit the waters as the warmer days approach.

October 26th, 2021

We all know someone who gets excited to hit the waters as the warmer days approach. Kayaking is one of the most thrilling yet therapeutic pastimes that you can try out this summer.

Finding a good vessel for your rowing activities can be a taxing job, but the good news is you can find inflatable kayaks that are perfect for boating. You do not need a lot of storage space either because you can deflate inflatable kayaks into a compact pile. This is great, especially for those who live in apartments or like to travel with their kayaks. You can always visit Outdoor Play for proper kayak storage rack setup.

You can also inflate these kayaks easily before use, and they are suitable for several kinds of boating activities.

That said, even boating enthusiasts struggle to find inflatable kayaks that fulfill their needs. Don’t worry because we have got you covered! We’ll walk you through the different kinds of inflatable kayaks available and the ones best suited for your unique adventures.

Types of Inflatable Kayaks

Below are the most common types of inflatable kayaks that you can find today. We included some of their most notable features and when you should consider buying them.

Touring Kayaks

These inflatable kayaks have a long, narrow structure for easy floating and maneuvering. They allow you to paddle on flatwater for extended periods and longer distances. Also, the tracking fins on touring kayaks allow boaters greater control than other types of inflatable kayaks.

You can consider getting an inflatable touring kayak for exploring rivers.

Recreational Kayaks

These are versatile and multi-purpose kayaks that are comfortable to boat in. They have a short but wide shape that adds stability, making them great for amateurs and beginners. You can use them for touring short rivers, paddling on slow rivers, and kayaking day trips.

You can get an inflatable recreational kayak and discover the different kinds of kayaking activities you can do!

Fishing Kayaks

Inflatable fishing kayaks come in two styles and several sizes. They can be sit-in or sit-on-top kayaks that have a wide shape to accommodate fishing gear.

The rigid floors of these kayaks offer greater stability. Also, like non-inflatable fishing kayaks, this type of inflatable kayak features accessories for holding fishing gear, such as rods and other equipment.

White-Water Kayaks

These kayaks are specifically built for rough waters. They have short and wide structures for stability and maneuverability in harsh Class I to Class IV rapids. Class ratings basically indicate difficulty levels, with Class I being the easiest and IV being the toughest to sail in.

Unlike recreational kayaks, inflatable white-water kayaks do not have tracking fins. That said, the best thing about them is an extra feature that allows you to attach spray skirts that help keep water at bay, keeping the interior of the kayak dry.

Sit-On-Top Kayaks

As the name suggests, sit-on-top kayaks require sitting on top of the kayak and not inside a cockpit, like with traditional kayaks. These kayaks also have a spacious wide deck to accommodate rowers and boaters.

They may be slightly more challenging to maneuver and control because you have to balance yourself on the kayak. Thus, these inflatable kayaks are best for intermediate or experienced users.

Sit-In Kayaks

These kayaks look like traditional kayaks; only they can be inflated and deflated. Once you inflate these kayaks, they transform into a shape that has a cockpit to enclose your legs when you sit. Such a feature makes them more comfortable and stable than sit-on-top ones.

They also protect you from the direct breeze, making them warmer, which is better for kayaking on colder days. Just like inflatable sit-on-top kayaks, you can attach a kayak spray skirt to keep the kayak’s interior dry.

Choosing Your Inflatable Kayak

These are all the major types of inflatable kayaks that you can choose from today. When it comes to the question, “What is the best type of inflatable kayak?”, there is really no clear answer.

The best type of inflatable kayak for you depends on the activity you intend to use it for. For instance, the best inflatable kayaks for exploring rivers and lakes are the inflatable touring and recreational kayaks. While inflatable fishing kayaks are most suited for, well, you guessed it, fishing!

Depending on what you feel most comfortable kayaking in, you can also select an inflatable kayak based on the seating type. Some inflatable kayaks only accommodate one person, while others can seat two or even three people. Likewise, other inflatable kayak models come with an adjustable seating option.

Lastly, the best inflatable kayaks are made from high-quality, durable materials. It is also important for safety, so be careful to check the construction of the inflatable kayak before you invest in it.

We hope you found the information we provided useful when you start deciding. We wish you good luck in finding the best inflatable kayak for your adventures!



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