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What is the difference between Kanchipuram sarees and Banarasi sarees?

Sarees are the most ancient outfits in India; these outfits date back to the 2800s BC. Since ancient times, these beautiful outfits have been commonly worn by women of the subcontinent. However, with time and advancements, the type, style and designs of sarees have changed.

You can even spot style differences in different states of the country. For example, you can see many women wearing a Kanchipuram saree in southern states of India and a Banarsee saree in Uttar Pradesh.

There are numerous ways to drape a saree; you can wear it with a flowing pallu or pin it all to your shoulder; you can also wear it in reverse by letting the pallu flow over your chest area. Moreover, you can also make your own draping style.

The traditional form of sarees is very popular throughout the country and even internationally. However, many people don’t know the differences between traditional saree styles like Kanchipuram and Banarasi. So, the following points will explain the differences between these two styles:


These sarees are made with silk and are considered a special type of outfit that women only wear on special occasions like religious ceremonies or weddings. The raw materials for this saree are retrieved from different regions, like silver zari from Gujarat and mulberry silk from South India.

Moreover, it requires expert craftsmanship to execute a Kanchipuram saree. These sarees usually have vibrant and contrasting colors and religious patterns on the borders. Hence, these sarees are considered special and costly.


These sarees are made in the city of Banaras, Uttar Pradesh, using fine-quality of silk. According to the women of India, these sarees are extremely beautiful and heavy to wear because of the rich gold and silver brocade work and vibrant embroidery.

These sarees are usually light in color because the work that is done on these sarees holds special value. The Mughals inspired this style; hence, it is considered a royal type of clothing.



Banarsari sarees have originated from the city of Banaras in Uttar Pradesh, whereas Kanchipuram ones originate from the Kanchipuram region of southern India. However, both are made using silk but still look different.


The major difference between these two sarees is that Kanchipuram sarees have vibrant colors, but Banarasi sarees have lighter color tones. The center portion of the Kanchipuram sarees is plain, and to accentuate that area, the craftsmen add vibrant hues. But the beauty of Banarasi sarees is in their zari and embroidery work; hence they use dull colors in the background.


Since both the two sarees are ancient and royal forms of outfits and require exclusive craftsmanship, both are costly. However, Kanchipuram sarees are costlier than others because they can also contain gold threadwork.

Special differences

There are subtle differences in all kinds of sarees, but the Kanchipuram and Banarasi sarees have noticeable differences that give them their unique identities.

For example, you can find a pinti that joins the pallu with the rest of the saree in Kanchipuram sarees, and you can find a fringe throughout the border of a Banarasi saree that is called a Jhallar. These features are always present in these two types of sarees.

The points mentioned above list all the differences between a Kanchipuram saree and a Banarasi saree. So, if you want to own at least one piece of each of these sarees, you can buy them online. Wearing any one of these will make you feel royal.