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What Is The Difference Between Laser And IPL Hair Removal?   

What Is The Difference Between Laser And IPL Hair Removal?  

With the emerging business of permanently removing hair, these two has a big space.

April 22nd, 2019

With the emerging business of permanently removing hair, these two has a big space. Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) both work for the same purpose and gives quite useful results. People often get confused in understanding these two procedures. These procedures are available in the market from the ’90s.

The permanent hair removal procedure is an attractive option if you are tired of shaving and do not want it anymore. These procedures make your skin smooth and hair-free for a month and above all its safe. People often find it challenging to choose a single procedure. Here are some differences between Laser and IPL.

Laser hair removal:

The laser treatment has the procedure of original brief but the concentrated wavelength of light which reaches a little deeper in the skin to destroy the hair follicle. As the machine produces a single precise beam, it attaches specific hair instead of a large area. It damages the follicle by using heat energy. It works efficiently on the darker hair but works fine for another type of hair as well. The type of energy used is attracted to the color of the hair.

IPL hair removal:

This is another popular procedure for permanent hair removal, but it is a little different from the laser one. As it is different from the laser, it does not use a laser beam for blasting the follicle; instead, it used a spectrum of light which is emitted on a different wavelength. And by using this procedure, it covers a large area for hair removal at one time. And comparatively, it is cheaper than laser. It works effectively on the darker and the thicker hair. As they absorb light effectively than others. The IPL is not as concentrated as laser, so you might have to do some more sitting to get the same result as lasers.

Benefits of both type of treatment:

Choosing any of this treatment is one’s own choice. And people mostly argue about which is better, but in reality both give the same impressive result. If you choose any of them, the result will be a life free of shaving.

Laser Hair removal:

The name of this treatment shows that the process which is to be used in the treatment is a laser beam. A single concentrated laser beam will attach a smaller area, but it went deep in the skin blasting the follicle smoothly and efficiently. So that means you’ll be needing a lesser amount of sitting with the laser expert.

Another benefit of laser treatment is that the laser is suitable for the darker skin, as they absorb light readily as compared to the paler skin, because of the melanin present in the skin, which means it will quickly be heated up . so as compared to IPL there is a low chance of burning skin in Laser.

IPL Hair Removal:

The main characteristic of this type of treatment is broad spectrum. Which covers a large area to remove the hair. Which makes the treatment, quicker and cheaper. The time duration of each session will be precise, but the same results will be achieved after some more sessions as compared to the Laser treatment. The IPL treatment also helps with the different skin conditions according to the skin tone.

There is another technology being used in this field which is VPL (variable Pulsed Light). Which the user can alter the machine according to the skin tone and the form of hair. Because the makers researched that the skin tone is not the only issue, but the thickness of hair varies from the bikini line to the arms follicle.

Side effects of both the treatment:

You will observe some of the side effects after the treatment. The laser and the light spectrum can cause a little irritation on the skin because the light attaches the follicle beneath the skin and make it blast. The redness and swelling can be sooth down by just treating your skin as you treat it while the skin burn. And protect your skin from sunlight because the skin might get sensitive to the sun.

Both the treatment are effective and provide you with an impressive result. Though the IPL works for multiple conditions but requires several sessions, laser, on the other hand, provides with the single but concentrated beam and can be done after a few sessions.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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