What Makes a Successful Spa Owner?

Spas today need to be the one-stop shop for beauty needs. The reason for this? Women and men alike need to be able to trust their spa technicians. Getting a Brazilian wax, after all, is quite an intimate affair for the client, and being able to build up trust is important. That is why having an all in one affordably luxurious spa can be the best way forward. Bring in clients through more mundane but equally important beauty tasks, like haircuts or styling, and encourage them to come back for more. There are so many ways to be a success as a spa, but first you need to ensure your business has these top traits:

You Are Luxury Incarnate
Luxury is very easy to convey without big budget spending. All you really need is a good eye for design. To do this, start first with a mood board. Bring together the right colours, patterns, and inspiration that can help you take your spa to the next level. Once you are happy with your mood board, and know what colours, patterns and styles you want, it is time to start implement it. Visit www.ellisons.co.uk today and pick out the right furniture to start. Finding wallpaper and decorative items will come next, and finally, just remember to keep it spotless.

You Treat Every Customer Like Royalty
Your clients have come in to become the royalty that they really are, and so it is only common sense to treat them like they deserve. Pamper them, make them feel good about themselves from inside and out, and above all else, listen. If you need to, ask for examples so that you can get the hairstyle they want right, and make suggestions to help them adapt that look to suit their hair type and face shape. The better the experience, the more likely they will return to your spa again and again.

You Are on Top of Beauty Trends
Being on top of beauty trends is key because your most repetitive business will come from the fashionistas who want to be at the forefront of fashion. This is particularly true with things like nail trends. Similarly, knowing all the top hairstyles and how to do them can make you very in-demand during wedding season and for school dances. You want to be the place to go to get the latest beauty trend done right because then you will always be relevant.

You Have a Strong Referral Program
The best way to grow your business is through word of mouth, and hoping for that isn’t the only way to grow. By offering discounts if two people get their hair cut or nails done at once, you encourage clients to bring someone else in as well. This way you have the chance to win over more clients and expand your operations through repeat business and referral programs. Nothing is more powerful, after all than when a client recommends your services to their friends.
Owning a spa can be incredibly lucrative, but only if you truly invest in providing great service. By providing the best experience, you can encourage clients to return again and again.

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