What makes you #fashionhappy?

How could a designer iPhone cover made to look like a McDonalds chip not make you laugh? As the world hums along to “Happy” and explores new ways of contentment, there is a coterie of fashion brands who are trying to bring a smile to our faces. Which makes us ask does fashion make us happy?

We spend an average of £1,039 on fashion each year – and some would argue this is something we do to derive happiness. Wouldn’t we spend less if it we were only buying for necessities?

87% of working mums claiming to enjoy the experience so much that they are shopping in person at least 5-6 times a month, each spending £1,593 on clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery for themselves (53% above the national average).

Why do we do this? To be happy?

We discuss further with Westfield London

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